DH strategist Nico Archer joins us as a partner

June 29, 2022

oday, our DH partner team is growing by one. But as you read about our newest member, Nico Archer, you’ll see his impact on us is significantly greater than a single voice.

Nico joined DH six years ago. From day one, his leadership, broad expertise, deep skills and passion for his clients and every DHer stood out.

Making the world a better place is the foundation of DH – and has been for more than 25 years. Nico not only embraces this value, he lives it in everything he does professionally and personally. He believes in the power of communication and conversation to improve community, health and the world. He views the world from a diversity of lenses. And he’s always, always, innovating and integrating.

When the Department of Health (DOH) called on DH to help them reach out to traditionally underrepresented communities about COVID-19 prevention and vaccines, Nico led the charge. He shuttered traditional approaches and, in the process, developed an innovative community-based outreach program with DOH. This first-of-its-kind program provided millions in funding and technical assistance to more than 200 Community-based Organizations (CBOs) across the state to create more accessible, authentic and culturally appropriate communications.

Case by case, community by community, it’s not a stretch to say that Nico’s work has saved lives!

Nico is a remarkable strategist. Just ask any DHer. He asks lots of questions. He listens intensely. He digs deeply – to get underneath the problem and truly understand what the organization is trying to achieve. And he contributes significantly to the work of our most prominent clients.

He’s a digital champion, yet he’s equally adept at branding and integrated marketing campaigns. Nico’s ability to craft visionary campaigns for clients has been instrumental to our growth.

DH’s founder, Jim Desautel, once labeled our team as Zealots, for their commitment to creating positive change and achieving results for our clients.

When we asked Nico how he brings zealotry to his clients, he said:

It’s a privilege what people entrust us to do – they invite us to help solve some of their organization's most pressing challenges.

“Through communications, we help our clients build better communities, improve the health and well-being of their audiences, strive for equity, close essential gaps that otherwise perpetuate systemic injustices, fight climate change and more. Creating positive change has always been part of DH’s DNA and it’s where my heart always comes back to.”

We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate Nico and his expanded role as our partner. Nico, you inspire us. You make us stronger. And we know our future is even brighter with you on our team!


Here are some of the other projects Nico has led in his years at DH.

Spread Kindness, Not COVID-19.

How do you keep a community safe and rally local leaders and businesses to do the same? DH’s COVID-19 prevention and consumer confidence campaign, Spread Kindness, not COVID19, based its strategy on kindness and mutual respect as social norms that could drive positive social change. This large-scale integrated campaign enlisted community partners, message carriers and more and launched a multimedia campaign with toolkits and innovative digital, environmental and contextual marketing and promotions throughout eastern and central Washington. The campaign helped measurably change behavior, prevent the spread of disease and support local businesses.

New brand, new bold vision.

The formerly named Inland Northwest Community Foundation had grown its endowment to nearly $130 million and supported hundreds of non-profits every year. Yet few in the region truly understood its impact. With new leadership in place, DH was asked to support with a strategic rebrand. The organization changed its name to Innovia, highlighting its innovation, vision and leadership, while the design and colors of its progressive mark reflect the nature-infused palette of Spokane. A digital drip campaign, media pitching and signature event unveiled the new brand, attracting a crowd that spanned both old and new audiences, excellent media coverage and a clear understanding that Innovia is a force for good.

A bright new vision for a community gem.

Spokane Guilds’ School & Neuromuscular Center served children with developmental delays and disabilities for over 60 years, but their brand didn’t match their powerful vision, new array of services and the joy they brought to so many families. Nico led the creation of a bright new brand identity designed to do just that, landing on the new name Joya Child & Family Development to show the energy and warmth they add to the community. Nico was so moved by the work he joined the organization’s board and still serves on it today.

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