Careers at DH are fun & inspired.

Join our team of kind, passionate & talented people.

Careers at DH are fun & inspiring

Do the best work of your life at DH.

We seek talented people who are eager to pursue big ideas and tackle challenging problems. We’re always open to talking with people who do work in public relations and advocacy, marketing and communications, advertising and branding. We value fresh perspectives and a drive to create positive change.

And have a good life doing it, too.

Established in 1996, DH helps our clients achieve results in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We have offices in Seattle and Spokane.

  • We offer competitive salaries and generous benefits.
  • In addition to paid vacation time, employees schedule their own paid holidays. (Eveyone gets 11 holidays, plus a half-day off for their birthday.)
  • DH also provides two annual wellness days for each employee to use at their discretion.
  • We take work-life balance seriously. People at DH tend to live full, healthy lives, with a culture that respects and supports employees’ responsibilities and interests outside work.
  • We practice Agile, an agency-management discipline designed to help people work better and happier.
  • We’re a self-empowered team that values collaboration and communication.

Equity, diversity 
& inclusion fuel us and our work.

DH fosters a culture of inclusivity, humility and respect, encouraging and supporting employees as they bring their whole, authentic selves to our work regardless of their background. Our diverse and intersectional identities, perspectives and lived experiences make us more creative, better problem solvers and stronger communicators — making our work more impactful, culturally responsive and accessible.