A joyful new brand for a joy-filled place

For Joya Child & Family Development

We helped a pediatric therapy provider embrace the energy and positive vibes of the kids it serves.


  • Branding
  • Multimedia, video & radio production
  • Stakeholder & community engagement
  • Website design & development

The challenge

As a nonprofit organization that serves children ages 0–3 with developmental delays and disabilities, Spokane Guilds’ School & Neuromuscular Center has been a treasure in our community for over 60 years. But as years of expansion culminated with new services, a new facility and a refreshed mission statement, the Guilds’ School saw opportunity to reintroduce the community to the organization with a refreshed identity.


This process started with research — after we helped Guilds’ School complete a staff survey, a series of insight interviews, focus groups and industry landscape research, it became clear the organization had a choice: It could focus on its unique clinical services, or it could focus on the human impact those services have. With its compassionate mission to help families regardless of their situation, Guilds’ School knew its human impact was at the core of its identity and had to be brought to the fore.

What we did

We guided Guilds’ School through a holistic rebranding, including a new name, a new messaging platform and a new visual identity system. The organization’s identity needed to reflect the joy, positivity, care and experience that its staff deliver to children and families. The name also needed to better articulate Guilds’ School’s mission and capture the organization’s expanded focus.

Inspired by the word “Joy,” the name “Joya” has roots which mean “jewel,” “gem” or “treasure,” like the children the organization serves. Each child is a person to be discovered, revealed and treasured — and cherished for unexpected beauty and joy. The name is friendly, approachable and easy to remember. The logo reflects this positivity as it breaks through the clouds with hopeful colors and a simulated smile in the “Y.”

The rebrand also emerged through the organization’s new website. The site conveys a sense of joy through the user experience and through bright, positive images of families experiencing Joya services.


With the brand in place, we helped Joya plan for the rollout with a communications campaign that included a grand opening at its new facility, targeted digital media, and media relations with local print and broadcast stations. Some of the fantastic coverage:

Spokane Public Radio segment

KHQ segment

We’re excited to see Joya continue to expand services and improve lives across our region. After this reintroduction to the community, momentum is on its side to continue growing as a vibrant part of Spokane.

Read more about Joya on its website.

A lot of parents come to us, having only been told what their child can’t do. Joya helps them realize everything they can do. Our new brand is a reminder that no matter what, children should be treasured and their lives filled with joy and possibility.

Dick Boysen

Executive Director, 1977–2019, Joya Child & Family Development