Our equity-centered 
approach leads to stronger connections.

We bring deep expertise in equity-centered communications and social change marketing.

By prioritizing fairness, justice and access to opportunity for all, we help clients reach audiences in ways that are more meaningful and relevant.

DH Office Equity Hero

Uncover people’s
real experiences.

Equity-centered communication puts people and community first. We get to know audiences’ motivations, needs and desires. We learn about the social, cultural and economic factors surrounding an issue. And we create inclusive, accessible communications programs that help communities grow stronger along with our clients.

Our Business Community Ownership Fund work led with listening.

To support Uwajimaya, we worked with a local coalition.

Partner with community.

DH maintains relationships with 230-plus community organizations and media outlets representing diverse Washington populations. This allows us to work directly with audiences to find solutions — and to share messages communities know they can trust. So our clients can reach people with messages that matter to them.

Create change that lasts.

Social change marketing combines behavior change principles with marketing tactics to promote positive change in communities. At DH, our equity-centered approach to social change marketing emphasizes continual audience engagement — creating space and pathways for communities to shape the campaigns that serve them best.

The Friends for Life fentanyl campaign emphasizes connection.

DEI principles at work at DH.

Within our own agency, we work to dismantle the systems and practices connected to the ongoing legacy of racism and other forms of oppression. DH fosters inclusivity, humility and respect — and our different identities, perspectives and experiences make us more creative, better problem solvers and stronger communicators.