The Importance of Agency Culture

April 1, 2021

Coming off a long year of remote work and the challenges of doing business in a pandemic, DH is fortunate to be in a strong position. We’re hiring new team members and growing our capabilities.

We owe this to clients who have trusted us to help tell their brand stories, change behaviors and drive business goals through strategic communications. It’s work that makes communities more connected, safe, just, prosperous and healthy, and we’re grateful for their leadership.

We also owe it to our team at DH. Our eclectic group of brand strategists. Public relations pros. Social change agents. Graphic designers. Copywriters. Painters. Woodworkers. Paddleboarders. Bakers. Indie authors. ‘90s pop savants. Knitters. Mario Karters. Slack comedians. Dog moms and cat dads.

We owe the quality of our strategy, our creative, and our culture to them.

We believe culture drives DH and the work we do.

Culture inspires our mission and values and allows us to innovate. We’re committed to making DH a place where people can create the best work of their careers, and to make a positive impact on the world.

But how do you cultivate a strong culture? Linda Jones and I recently presented about this very topic to a group of agencies at the IPREX Emerging Leaders Conference.

In short, we:

Operationalize it

  1. Commit to a self-empowered team
  2. Lead by example (with no shortage of humor and kudos)
  3. Hire diverse candidates who bring unique strengths

Invest in it

  1. Give people space to grow, make mistakes, reflect and celebrate!
  2. Encourage professional development and volunteerism
  3. Build a fun, flexible wellness program and work/life balance

Monitor and optimize it

  1. Keep a pulse on culture (and each other)
  2. Ask for, and act on, feedback
  3. Foster an environment of high-trust, accountability and grace
DH believes diversity fuels us and our work. We foster a culture of inclusivity and respect, encouraging and supporting employees as they bring their whole, authentic selves to our work. Our diverse identities, perspectives and experiences make us better problem-solvers and communicators — making our work more impactful.

This kind of culture not only gets the best work, it adds value to our lives in a tangible way. Many of my fellow DHers — past and present — are my best friends. One of them presided over my wedding, for crying out loud.

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We’re committed to making DH a place where people can create the best work of their careers, and to make a positive impact on the world. If that sounds like a good fit for you, or someone you know, check out the positions below or forward them on.

We’re hiring, and we can’t wait to hear from you.

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