Shireen Khinda
Shireen Khinda
Shireen Khinda

Shireen Khinda

Senior Account Executive

Chocolate Junkie


Zumba Enthusiast

Shireen has thrived in many different roles at DH. She worked as our behind-the-scenes magic maker for a few years, and then transitioned to working closely with clients. Her unique path at DH informs her approach to client management and team facilitation.

What gets you going in the morning?

Well, truthfully I’m not a morning person, but our agency’s Agile structure has helped me embrace the power of being prepared for our agency-wide morning meetings. I get so much done when I’ve been strategic about my agenda for the day, and it’s really cool to see how that intentionality, thoughtfulness and collaboration early on gives our team efficiencies later on— whether “later on” is later in the day or months down the road. But to answer the question, besides a solid chai latte, what gets me going are projects I’ve been working deeply in, then had some time to reflect, gather other people’s inputs, re-brainstorm my approach, even had shower thoughts about it… you know, those projects. The complex ones with necessary collaboration, unique audiences and goals, and great opportunity in store for our client… that’s the kind of work that keeps me going!

Who inspires you?

As I grew up, I had a nanny (but basically a second mom) named Anne. She actually was the one who named me! Anne was probably sweeter than I’ll ever be, and on the day-to-day she brought people happiness in small ways. She always kept box of cookies hidden somewhere or had time to chat or play a board game. I try to welcome the same moments of happiness into my work and personal life. I think most everyone knows I always have a candy jar and even a desktop Jenga set… just in case someone swings by for a brain break.

What is your sun sign? Do you think it describes you?

I’m an Aquarius and I think it fits me pretty well. Aquarians tend to be very independent. We don’t like to be locked down into a routine, which I think is why I enjoy my role and being at DH. I love developing, adopting and improving systems and processes and I get to work on a variety of projects inside the agency as well for clients, which provides me with just enough daily structure and also a lot of flexibility.


Gonzaga University, Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, Minor in Political Science

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