Nico Archer

Nico is a strategist who helps many of DH’s most prominent clients with their branding, digital strategy and integrated communications. His secret to great work? He asks a lot of questions. For example, if you ask what it would take for DH to create a website, campaign or some other means to an end, Nico probably will start asking questions back. He strives to understand “what is your why,” Nico says, to ensure that the means is really the best way for you to achieve your goals. “What we want to understand is: How are you really trying to move the needle?” he says. “What sort of impact do you want to have on your audiences? What is your vision for your business or brand?”
Integrated marketing maven
Social change champion
Digital believer

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  • Leads the equity-centered community engagement campaign with WA Dept. of Health to reach historically excluded communities, managing a network of 200+ community-based partners across the state
  • Oversees rebranding initiatives for organizations like Innovia Foundation, Joya Child & Family Development, Range Community Clinic and more
  • Develops campaigns for transit agencies across Washington state and beyond to increase ridership, operator recruitment, public engagement and access
  • Supports communications strategies for nonprofits, foundations and philanthropic organizations focused on equity and racial justice
  • Serves on board of directors for Joya Child & Family Development, sat on Greater Spokane Inc. Health Improvement Development Group (HIDG)
  • Regularly speaks at organizations including Washington State Public Health Association, Pacific Northwest Social Marketing Association, PRSA conferences
    and more

Nico’s take on:

Integrated marketing

With his eye on his big-picture goal — to translate business objectives into communication strategy — Nico considers himself “channel agnostic.” He believes the best channels are the ones that carry your particular message best and align with your strategy to effect the change you’re looking for.

That’s why he works to understand your audiences’ realities, attitudes, beliefs and habits — so he and the DH team can help you choose the best mix of channels to reach them. And that’s how he helps to create campaigns that surround audiences in visible and compelling ways — so your brand can make real, meaningful connections.

Nico says:

A well-coordinated campaign plays like a symphony, the audience travels with you through movements — awareness, affinity, engagement, conversion and retention. Along the way, they hear your core themes, which grow deeper through variation and repetition.

Social change marketing

DH often uses social change marketing — a combination of behavior-change principles and marketing techniques — to help clients build healthier, safer and stronger people and places. Social change marketing might look like giving people the tools to prevent drug abuse or to get their children immunized. It might look like making it easier for inter-urban communities to access natural spaces.

That often means finding positive ways to communicate, Nico says. Research shows that positive messages about healthy behaviors are far more effective than negative messages about unhealthy behaviors (aka scare tactics).

“As communicators, we have the power to inform and influence thinking and behavior,” Nico says. “Let’s ensure we’re reinforcing positive behaviors that will make our world a better place.”

Digital marketing

Gaining and maintaining a digital edge on your competition can help your brand reveal itself as authentic, timely and relevant. And digital marketing lets you dream big, Nico says: “If you can dream it, you can build it. Any customer experience is possible in digital media. For example, you can help customers visualize the future, connect across miles, or imagine how a product fits into their lives — all on their phone.”

But the most important opportunity in digital marketing may be the chance to listen and respond in real time to your audiences’ needs.

“Based on a concern or insight you hear today,” Nico says, “you can activate a campaign tomorrow.”

Helping you succeed

Nico says he feels most successful when he has provided clients with knowledge and tools to carry a plan into the future. That might be a marketing plan, a brand strategy, an awareness campaign — whatever you need to achieve your goals.

“I love helping clients achieve clarity around their mission and the promises they’re going to fulfill — and watching them continue to bring their brand or campaign to life after I’m no longer involved. At the end of the day, I want my clients to be empowered and successful.”


Master of arts, organizational leadership, Gonzaga University

Bachelor of arts, literature, University of California Santa Cruz

Leadership & Volunteering

Board of Directors, Joya Child and Family Development, Neurodevelopmental Center of Excellence

Member, Health Improvement Development Group, Greater Spokane Incorporated

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