Mark Fox

Mark’s DH story is full circle. After college and a brief stint as a Legislative Assistant in the Washington State Senate, Mark joined Nyhus – the agency DH acquired in 2022. After five years at Nyhus, Mark launched his own consulting company. Then COVID-19 hit, and Mark took DH on as a client to assist with emergency funding communications for one of our largest accounts. He now works with DH full-time from his home in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Senior Account Director
All-in Connector

Mark’s take on:

Connecting to the work.

Growing up a middle child, Mark learned mediation skills from the time he could speak. His abilities even led him to winning a college fellowship for aspiring lawyers, but he quickly realized his talents were better geared for storytelling. Through his early work in politics and policy to his years translating data-centric corporate social responsibility programs into digestible success stories for outdoor recreation and travel brands – Mark always finds a way to connect to the cause and discover a solution that works for everyone.


Communications can be so esoteric; people can feel disconnected from the work at times. With public affairs, the dots are closer together, and the stakes are high. When I’m working on COVID-19 or Mpox outreach, or on homelessness and housing campaigns, I know exactly what we’re driving toward. It’s very practical work.

Going all in on commitments.

In college, Mark worked in a preschool classroom in Seattle through AmeriCorps. When the organization told him he didn’t qualify for a stipend, and he’d essentially be volunteering three hours a day, three days a week, for a year, he stayed anyway. “They were counting on me,” Mark explains. “I didn’t want to let them down. It was one of the most fun and most exhausting experiences of my life.”

He also commits to his hobbies. Regional cuisine exploration among them. “I’ll pick a different country or region at a time, and go all in on the experience, cooking recipes exclusively from the region, using the best, authentic ingredients I can find locally.” The most memorable? Persian, for the saffron.

Planning an epic road trip.

In his time away from work, Mark plans several road trips each year, usually along windy directional lines like North to South from Washington to Arizona, or East to West from Buena Vista, Colorado, to Jackson, Wyoming, and onward to Spokane. “I start by choosing a direction (east!), then my route is progressively curved, bent, and twisted along the way . There’s always so much to do and to see, and getting a bit lost is part of the adventure.”


Bachelor of arts, political science, Seattle University


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