Gabe Fernos
Gabe Fernos
Gabe Fernos

Mallory Peak, PhD

Senior Account Director 

Social Change Marketer

Campaign Strategist

Haunted House Hunter

When it comes to changing hearts and minds, we turn to Mallory. Mallory joined the DH team in 2019, bringing a decade of experience building and managing social change campaigns. She even has a Ph.D. in social change. Mallory worked closely with DH as a client building the “Starts with One” opioid prevention campaign for Washington State Health Care Authority. Her social change marketing expertise is unmatched, as is her ability to segment audiences and deliver pro-active messaging to change behavior


Tell us a little about your background that led you to the Agency.

I have been working in communication for social change for most of my career. First in non-profits, in academia, then government. My passion is really around challenging how we think and feel about social issues. DH’s philosophy around communication really aligns with my own: anchored in research, thoughtful strategy, and being a positive force for change.

What have your big career milestones been?

My work with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s headquarters in New York will always hold a place in my heart- and that was at the very beginning of my career. But I learned a lot about pushing back against stigma, the power of building a community and I had the opportunity to work with strong, dedicated mentors all across the country. That experience really set me on a path to use communication to drive conversations about issues that people often shy away from.

Finishing my PhD was pretty cool too.

We heard you lived in Australia for a while. Tell us about it, mate.

I will catch your spider in a jar. I will walk it to the door. I will set it (and you) free.

What excites you about working at DH?

Working with such a dedicated, talented, and creative team. And being able to help channel that energy to make a real difference in our communities. We work with so many clients with ambitious visions for how the world can and should be. It’s a gift to help make that vision a reality.

Mallory’s Recent Work

  • Washington Traffic Safety Commission

  • MultiCare

  • Northern California Allied Trades

  • Innovia Foundation

  • King County Trailhead Direct


Ph.D. Communication for Social Change, University of Queensland

M.A. Communication for Social Change, University of Queensland

B.S. Communication, Emerson College

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