Lisa Cargill
Lisa Cargill
Lisa Cargill

Linda Jones

Associate Creative Director

Resilient Runner

Coloring Book Aficionado

Linda’s spirit is as fiery as her bright red locks. She’s a creative pioneer, exploring unchartered design territory and surpassing creative expectations. Linda’s steadfast positivity and attentiveness to detail make her a reliable team member everyone loves to work with.

What gets you amped and most excited about graphic design—what are your favorite kinds of projects?

My favorite projects to work on are probably events—like event design. Designing my own wedding invitations was so fun, but my poor husband—I was like ‘nope, you don’t get a say!’ It’s fun to see all the event details play out. I kind of feel like it’s a mini brand in itself. Everything needs to look the same and consistent and come together to create this amazing project from the start to the finish. It’s a way to really control a brand—you can control how everything turns out and comes together.

Do you use your skills in graphic design in other areas of your life? (Does being a graphic designer feel like a lifestyle?)

I think so, I think my artistic background helps too. I like to be organized when designing and am like that at home—everything has its place, well, at least it did before Lilly arrived. I have my own craft room at home and am able to spread projects out and do multiple things at once. I used to draw and paint all in my free time, but now I do a lot of quilting and knitting—which to me is just a different area of art. I especially love to knit in the winter when you get to sit by the fire and be all cozy—may sound totally cheesy!

What’s something no one would ever guess about you?

One year, I almost got kicked out of Hoopfest… which people would never expect! I am very competitive when it comes to sports. It was our last game at Hoopfest 11 years ago, and I was by far the shortest player on a co-ed team. I would get super competitive and totally knock people down while trying to block shots.


University of Idaho, Bachelor of Arts in Graphic and Web Design

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