Judy Heggem-Davis

Judy is as talented an artist as they come. She applies her inspired and technical design acumen, built over decades of experience, to every project. A creative thinker with a strategist’s approach, Judy crafts pieces that not only sparkle but get the job done — whether the job is to increase sales, change behaviors or reposition a brand. She’s also a stickler about deadlines.
Director of Design
Creative leader
Thoughtful creator
Whippet whisperer

Judy’s take on:

Creative ideation

A brainstorming session should start with something fun, Judy says — to get creative energy flowing in the room right off the bat. It’s also important to turn off your critical self.

Judy says:

You should feel free and safe to bring up ideas, because you never know where great ones will come from.

Speaking of new ideas, Judy recommends including people from across your team — in addition to those directly involved with a project — who can look at the challenge from different perspectives.

Print collateral that stands out

People are overloaded with visual input, and they’re savvier about the information they’ll take in. To stand out, Judy suggests creating customized pieces that make recipients feel special. Or creating a piece that’s an unusual size. Or using a fun foil, die cut or paper with a tactile feel.

“Basically, people appreciate beautiful things and relevant messages that speak to them, materials that are thoughtful,” Judy says. “So create something beautiful they’ll want to hang on to instead of toss in the trash.”

Whippet Wednesdays

Once a week, Judy’s whippet comes to work with her.

“She brings joy and a sort of peace to sometimes hectic days,” Judy says. “Her name is Sunshine. And — this might sound cheesy, but it’s true — she adds a little sunshine to everyone’s day.”


Associate of applied science, advertising art, Spokane Falls Community College

Associate in arts, general studies, Spokane Falls Community College

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