Jalisa Stewart

As an accounting specialist, Jalisa is responsible for keeping DH’s books balanced. If it involves finance in any way, from balancing employee payroll to sending out client bills, Jalisa is the one behind the calculator, crunching the numbers and making sure everything adds up.
Senior Accounting Specialist
Budget expert
Puzzle solver
Outdoors enthusiast

Jalisa’s take on:

Nerding out about numbers

Jalisa has always had a fascination with math, and it was the subject she loved most in school. She especially loves the financial side of numbers: If you need someone to talk to about budgets or investments, look no further. Even her friends come to her for advice on how they should be spending their money.


It’s like a puzzle, It uses your brain constantly, which is something that I used to struggle with — getting bored while doing mindless jobs. With this one, there’s always something you have to figure out.

The great escape

That puzzle-solving streak extends to Jalisa’s penchant for escape rooms. She has even worked as a host at the downtown Escape Room facility Think Tank. So what makes a good escape room? “The ones that I tend not to like have a lot of padlocks — if you’re just looking for a key to find another key and then another key.”

Fresh air

Jalisa is currently working toward her bachelor’s degree in accounting, which occupies most of her time away from work. But if she did have more free time, she’d go outside more. She loves hiking, kayaking and visiting Coeur d’Alene Lake, and she hopes to visit Glacier National Park sometime in the near future.

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