Denise Brewer

Denise is all about the flow. She creates workflow systems and processes at DH so we can do our best work for clients work with minimal snags. It can be hard for a control freak (self-described) to create a process, teach people to use it, and let it go. But systems and processes are made to serve the people who use them, she says. “What’s fulfilling is if someone says, ‘That thing you set up for me was perfect’ – knowing that the way I thought through a process worked,” Denise says. “Processes are my favorite.”
Director of Production
Process Builder
Big-Picture Ad Woman
Former Server

Denise‘s take on:

Making resourcing good for humans.

Resourcing at DH is about allocating work among our team members to best meet our clients’ goals. That includes creating teams of people with diverse talents and lived experiences.

But it’s also about knowing who’s able to take on work — and helping to protect people against burnout. Denise does this in a space where people tend to feel high ownership of our work and driven to help create positive change.

Denise Says:

How do I make the job work for everyone? It’s finding gaps to fill so everyone can do their job and have a good work-life balance.

Balance between media placement and creative.

Denise has experience in graphic design (creating ads) and media buying (purchasing ad space). It’s all connected, or at least it should be, she says.

Creative that doesn’t appeal to the audience targeted in a media buy amounts to wasted money on both ends. 

“If you’re trying to reach a mom with kids, and you’re using a photo of a man driving a boat, you’ve missed it,” she says. “If they don’t play together, it doesn’t work.”

Waiting tables.

Early in her career, Denise worked as a restaurant server. Just as she does now, she would have preferred a behind-the-scenes role: “As a server, you’re responsible for customers’ experience. I just wanted to clean tables.”

Still, she worked hard at the job, which required a blend of friendliness and excellent memory.

As for what makes a good restaurant customer: “Being kind and patient. You never know what somebody else just dealt with. But that’s also part of being a good human.”

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