Calvin Stewart

Calvin is like the Swiss Army knife of DH. He does a little bit of everything around the office, and he makes sure all the operations run smoothly. If a package needs to be delivered, if a lightbulb burns out, if someone’s computer is on the fritz — Calvin’s the guy who takes care of it. On top of that, he handles everything from office supply inventory to travel coordination to I.T.
Operations Manager
Man about the office
Green thumb
Before joining the DH team, Calvin was mostly retired. But coming back to full-time work, he’s now grateful for the strides in technology that goes along with the job: “You don’t have stacks of paper that you have to fumble through anymore,” he says.

Calvin’s advice:

“Continuity books and detailed walkthroughs are the key to a successful office. If you pull somebody off the street and give them the steps, they should be able to go from step A to complete without asking a question. Everything should be in a filing system so that everybody can quickly access what they’re looking for.”

In the garden

When he isn’t at work, you can typically find Calvin doing something in his garden, or working a job through his personal landscaping business. Planting, designing, installing fixtures — backyard space. “If you like doing it, it’s your gym, it’s your psychiatrist,” Calvin says of working in the garden. “It keeps you moving. It’s everything rolled up into one.”

Gone fishin’

Outside the garden, Calvin’s favorite way to get some zen time is in a fishing boat, catching walleye or rainbow trout. Whether it’s alone or with his kids, he enjoys drifting on the lake, listening to the birds and the sound of the water, and soaking in the surroundings.


For me, it’s all about the quiet time. It brings you down so when you go back to work on Monday, you’re ready.

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