Andrei Mylroie

After more than two decades at DH and a stint as president of an international network of communications agencies, Andrei believes firms like ours operate in a sweet spot — for our team and for our clients. Our depth and talent let us take on big campaigns. Our flexibility lets us invent new ways to work and to make our agency better. That includes finding new ways to inspire the team — “or putting the pieces in place to allow anyone who works here to do the best work of their life,” Andrei says. “If I didn’t have opportunity to help the company evolve and be just ahead of where the industry is going, it wouldn’t be interesting.”
Branding strategist
Global leader
Hill climber

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  • Oversaw brand campaigns for organizations like Virginia Mason Health, Tree Top, MultiCare Health, Genentech, CU Direct and more.
  • Developed thought leadership programs for organizations including ENGIE Impact (formerly Ecova), Itron, North California Allied Trades
  • Leads work with energy providers and public utility districts for campaigns including fiber integration, environmental stewardship and community engagement
  • Provided strategic counsel for the equity-centered COVID-19 community engagement response in Washington state for Department of Health
  • Served as Global President of IPREX, the world’s largest network of independent communications agencies, for three years and still serves on Global Board of Directors

Andrei’s take on:

Branding as a business strategy

To some people, branding means logos and mottos and color palettes — nice stuff to have, but living somewhere outside the realm of Important Business.

But branding done well serves as a solid central business strategy for many organizations. 

Andrei says: 

Like some people might use technology or finance to drive their organizations forward, you also can use brand to drive your growth and reveal opportunities.

Branding is an investigative, forward-looking process that leads to those tangible outcomes, like logos. It also brings to light and life the qualities that make you distinct from your competition. It connects those differentiators with what people care about. It requires you to define your goals and your future.

“Some of the most successful companies in the world have built their success through branding,” Andrei says. “It’s not just frosting on the cake. It’s also the cake itself.”

The perks of global partnerships

Andrei served for three years as the global president of IPREX, a platform of communications agencies. As a member, DH collaborates and shares knowledge with 70 independent agencies all over the world.

“We build relationships with some extraordinarily innovative firms and learn from them,” Andrei says.

Our IPREX partnerships let us access others’ expertise. Meanwhile, as small to midsize agencies, IPREX partners share a nimble nature, an entrepreneurial spirit and highly committed teams.

“IPREX agencies make a ton of sense for clients,” Andrei says. “You get the large scale of a network without the downsides of working with a multinational firm.”

Wheel life

Andrei started racing bikes at 15, spinning that passion into a career. He worked as team director for professional racers, splitting time between the U.S. and Europe — including a trip to the ’96 Olympics in Atlanta.

Now he bikes to get his brain going, to unplug from phones and computers, and to see beautiful places. Among his favorite beautiful places: the Seven Summits trail in Rossland, British Columbia, and the Palouse region surrounding Spokane.

“I love the super-green rolling hills,” Andrei says. “They look like they were designed by a 5-year-old with a crayon.”


Bachelor of science, kinesiology, University of Colorado

Leadership & Volunteering

Past global president, IPREX

Board of Directors, Washington STEM

Founding board member, Boys & Girls Clubs of Spokane County

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