Alex Cruz

Alex didn’t know he was looking for DH until he found us. A graphic designer with an interest in branding and identity design, he has previous experience in online marketing. The social change marketing work he saw DH doing with health care and nonprofit clients, among others, inspired him. “DH’s projects were different from what I’ve been exposed to,” he says. “Once I heard about it, I was all in.”
Senior Graphic Designer
Storytelling superfan
Goal getter
Cultural investigator

Alex’s take on:

Telling stories by any means.

Alex is a big fan of any kind of storytelling, but he’s an especially big fan of “Star Wars.” Those movies sparked his interest in doing creative work, whatever the medium.

“I got into ‘Star Wars’ at a really young age, and I watched the ‘behind the scenes’ before I watched the movies,” he says.

Whatever the film or show, he picks apart the plots to find the holes or imagine where the story could go next. He learned to use photography to tell his own stories, which led him learn photo editing programs.

Alex helps clients tell their stories:

It gets hard and harder to be unique in any marketplace. It’s a fun task to help them stand out visually but with their messaging as well.

Focusing on clients’ goals.

Alex wants his creative work to look good, whether it’s a logo or a comprehensive visual system. But it’s at least as important that the work helps clients achieve their business and organizational goals, Alex says. So even as he’s working to create big ideas that might even inspire clients to think in new directions, he’s also ensuring the creative work aligns with the strategy.

“A client’s needs go beyond just looking pretty,” Alex says. “I want to work with a client as much as I can, so it can get them the results they need.”

His family’s deep roots.

Born in Mexico, Alex moved from Guadalajara to the U.S. as a young kid. He learned English quickly to get ready for school. Now he’s working to perfect his Spanish again.

Although he’s fluent, “My Mexican family members say I sound funny,” he says.

Alex also is investigating his ancestry, starting with the results of a DNA test. He’s interested in the culture and history of his long-ago ancestors in Mexico.

“I’m trying to reconnect with those roots,” Alex says.


Associate’s degree, graphic and web design, Everett Community College


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