The new face of Washington business

For Association of Washington Business

How should Washington’s biggest champion for business engage with the next generation of business leaders?


  • Quantitative & qualitative research, focus groups & surveys
  • Branding
  • Stakeholder & community engagement
  • Website design & development

The challenge

The Association of Washington Business (AWB) is the largest and best-known business advocacy group in the state. After a leadership change, the creation of a new mission and vision, and the development of a new strategic plan, the organization was ready to tell its story to the marketplace. DH collaborated with AWB on a rebranding that would bring its vision to life.

What we did

Updated Visual Brand

Working from stakeholder research and the organization’s strategic plan, we built a visual brand including a new logo, color palette and a  style guide. The logo communicates the new brand concepts visually: The typeface is clean and modern, and a new graphic element gives the logo a sense of movement, highlighting AWB’s mission to propel Washington’s economy.


Diversified Logo

The four sections of the logo also reference the association’s statewide reach, as well as the diverse industry sectors it serves. The shapes in the top right corner refer to the diverse people who make up AWB’s community.

Brand Launch

To leverage the introduction of the new brand, DH created a  launch plan and supported AWB’s efforts through the development of pacesetter tactics including letterhead, envelopes and business cards, a PowerPoint template, and a new e-blast template. The plan also called for an internal rollout campaign to get AWB staff excited as champions of their organization.


Positive Feedback

Feedback from both internal and external audiences has been excellent. AWB secured positive media coverage of the brand launch that highlighted its new areas of focus and its value proposition for its members and for employers across the state.

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