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Telling the story of care across Washington

Health care is a big story to tell — it’s complicated, interwoven and full of jargon. We brought big ideas to life through individual stories from across the state.

Healthier Washington is the state’s vision for transforming the health care system to achieve better health, better care and lower costs for the people of Washington State. DH was hired to help Washington State Health Care Authority communicate the core strategies driving Healthier Washington, as well as capture stories from across the state that show how these strategies are being put to work. The total project scope was large, complex and due to funding limitations, called for the development of several targeted communication tools in just three months. As a result of this project, DH created communications strategies, messaging guides, stories, videos and tools. Below you’ll find a series of videos we produced to break complex topics into compelling and accessible narrative about important issues in our state.

Accountable Communities of Health
Value-Based Purchasing
Shared Decision Making

Breaking down silos

The central goal of the outreach and communication action plan was to help break down silos separating the disparate groups, organizations and players addressing population health issues.

Elya Moore, Olympic Community of Health

Partnerships become key to tackling opioid crisis.

Thomas May, Spokane

Stable housing puts recovery in reach.

Colleen Crossett, Wenatchee

Dietician helps stressed families find healthful options.

Better Health Together, ACH, Ferry County

Cross-collaboration breaks cycle of crime.

SAIL Program, Spokane Tribe

Staying active and independent for life.

Mercy Housing Northwest

Community health workers can improve health outcomes with underserved populations.

Community Partnership, Vancouver

Housing crisis pulls community into lasting partnerships.

King County ACH, Seattle

Outcomes improve for clients when systems coordinate.

Readmission Avoidance Pilot, Greater Columbia ACH

Greater Columbia ACH mends gaps in care to reduce hospital readmissions.

Davenport Elementary

Teaching healthy habits to build stronger communities.

A Stronger Collective

Communication strategies and tactics DH outlined would bring target audiences together to form a stronger collective that is informed and armed with the tools needed to affect health care delivery transformation statewide. These include Healthier Washington audiences such as providers, payers, Accountable Communities of Health (ACHs), influencers (Legislators and leaders in health care) and state and federal agency partners (DOH, DSHS and others).

Despite ailments, couple maintain independence as they age

Every morning, Suikeng Xu wakes at 7 a.m. and prepares the day’s three meals for her and her husband, Yu Man. Because he has diabetes, she makes his food low in sugar, salt and unhealthy fats.

Group connects homeless to live-saving healthcare, housing

On a trip before her senior year of college, Kate Robertson stood on her hotel deck in Toronto testing out a new camera. Scanning the city streets, she spotted a group of young men and women who appeared to be homeless.

Accountable Care Program comes through when high-quality care needed

When Kathy Boucher was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), she had never heard of the disease. It started as trouble with her balance and walking. “I didn’t know what was going on,” she recalls.

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