Corporate and consumer

Differentiating commercial real estate

For Kiemle Hagood

Real-estate signage is notoriously… bland. We helped the northwest’s biggest provider of commercial real estate stand out.


  • Quantitative & qualitative research, focus groups & surveys
  • Branding
  • Stakeholder & community engagement

The challenge

The region’s largest commercial real estate company continues to grow — in employee size, divisions and services it offers, and into new markets throughout Washington, Idaho and Montana. But their brand and positioning was out of line with the company’s goals, its vision, and an opportunity to better-align with what customers and employees care about.

The strategy

Holistic rebranding process.

So earlier this year, following a competitive agency review, DH led the company through a holistic rebranding process. Using DH’s Brand Mosaic process, we interviewed customers, collaborated with the Kiemle Hagood leadership team through a series of brand strategy workshops, and completed a comprehensive research on the firm’s competitors.

What we did

More than a new logo.

What we found and created with the leadership team is more than a new logo—although they now have one of those. It is more than new positioning language—although they have that, too. What we created was a brand that will align with and drive new business opportunity. A brand that captures the what’s different about Kiemle Hagood and what matters to customers, prospective employees, their existing team, and more.

A bold and modern identity.

Visually, Kiemle Hagood will own a bold color that we call “equity yellow.” Floods of this color will combine with a modernist typographic design that will be noticed. After all, the logo is used on thousands of real estate signs, billboards and ads throughout the region. It’s an especially clean, bold and modern identity.

Space for the future.

And the logo combines with a strong core brand idea: That Kiemle Hagood “makes space.” Space for opportunity—in working with clients to lease or build literal space. Space for good—investing in community growth is core to what motivates the company. And space for community.


The new brand was rolled out to employees to excited feedback at an all-employee event. Customers and media coverage noted the differentiation of the brand in the marketplace. Using brand as a business driver, the company continues to strive toward market growth in its current service territories.