Company’s rebrand conveys stability & versatility.

This woman-owned company supplies raw materials and ingredients and provides services to customers around the world. After 30 years in business, it was ready for a new identity. Catalynt’s rebrand conveys its growth and depth of services — as well as the talent and commitment of its team.

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This woman-owned business had a new name, and its brand had to reflect its new identity, its values and its vision for the future. We started with the logo. It was inspired by a mesh-like structure — sturdy and supportive but flexible, like Catalynt. We based the logotype on a typeface designed by a woman, Veronika Burien of Type Together. The elements of the logo and the principles behind it guided the rest of the brand’s development. The main colors, Gold and Rust, conveyed boldness and warmth. Supporting neutrals added function and utility. Those characteristics were reflected throughout the rebrand, including a new messaging platform.

Catalynt business cards

Collateral and swag

To support the launch of Catalynt’s rebrand, we created items to engage employees and clients. They included new business cards, logowear, event materials, and print and digital ads. We produced a comprehensive brand guide explaining the company’s visual and messaging elements and how to use themfrom logo, typeface and color use to messaging guidance.

Front cover of booklet featuring the catalynt logo
Inside spread of booklet explaining the usages of the Catalynt logo

Signage at HQ

Catalynt needed signage and interior design elements to bring its new identity to life. We visited the company’s headquarters in Edmonds, Washington, and collaborated with the team to select paint colors and key locations for signage and other branding elements. The changes in the space helped create a sense of warmth and welcome to employees, customers and partners.  

Wall in Catalynt office with Logo
Catalynt horizontal logo on wall
Black wall in Catalynt office with white logo mark

Website dedesign

Catalynt’s website provided the first opportunity for many potential customers to engage with the brand. We designed a new site that felt modern, welcoming and approachable, in line with its new identity but also told Catalynt’s story as a global leader and innovator. The redesign reprioritized essential information and customer offerings while improving the overall user experience on mobile and desktop.

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