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DH’s 2023 Year-in-Review

December 19, 2023

Social impact is the central idea stretching across our work at DH — and that’s never been more evident than in 2023. Let’s look at the impact our work has made in communities served by our clients, for the partners we’ve grown alongside, and for the DH team.

‘Social impact’ is about positive change.

As a social-impact agency, DH helps our clients create positive change for communities and the organizations that serve them. This includes changes to improve public health, protect the environment, support economic development, and help ensure justice.

Our campaigns are rooted in a commitment to equity, and they’re built on research and best practices. We use culturally responsive approaches, and the results feel compelling and true to audiences.

Our Clients

DH partners with diverse and impactful organizations in Washington and beyond. By combining social science, creative strategy and marketing expertise, we’re helping our clients achieve lasting change. Here’s a sampling of our new and evolving campaigns in 2023:

Washington State Health Care Authority

DH worked with the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) to develop the statewide Friends for Life illicit fentanyl and naloxone awareness campaign. The campaign delivers lifesaving information to young people and their families. As the campaign reached communities across the state, organizations working in substance-use prevention praised the campaign’s caring approach to a subject that can be stigmatizing. State leaders are also recognizing the campaign as essential to address the overdose crisis in Washington. Thank you to HCA for its outstanding collaboration and support of this work, and to our community partners whose input and feedback have been critical to the campaign’s success.

Washington State Department of Health

Native and Strong is a suicide-prevention campaign shaped by Native people in Washington. In 2023, we took an approach to the campaign that centered art-making and cultural activities that support connection and wellness. Through five separate projects, two highlighting Native veterans and three highlighting Two-Spirit people, we explored personal stories of strength and resilience. Native people across the state shared their stories through art, which became the basis of print assets, videos, and other materials to help promote wholeness and address suicide risk. Native photographers and videographers helped bring these stories to life. We are grateful to our client, the Washington State Department of Health, and our many partners: the Spectrum Center, Evan Benally Atwood, Jeff Ferguson, Mark Ramos, Roger Fernandez, Stephanie Stoops, Dr. Shawn Brigman, Roo Ramos, Alexis Tonasket Hoyt, Letkwu Moore Stanger, Aiya Reid, Roin Morigeau, and Sarah and Corbin.

Cruise Lines International Association

DH partnered with Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) to promote the cruise industry’s commitment to the Pacific Northwest, positive economic impact, and significant investments in sustainability and innovation. Through this work, we are helping foster intentional and authentic relationship building, refreshed messaging and brand visibility, and strategic community engagement through our social impact approach.

Association of Washington Business

Washington in the Making 2040 is an initiative by the Association of Washington Businesses (AWB), in partnership with Washington Roundtable. Its goal is to engage businesses and residents across the state to develop a compelling vision for the future of Washington’s economy. In 2023, DH partnered with chambers of commerce and economic development associations to host 22 town hall meetings to gather input for a true statewide vision. DH team members traveled far and wide to engage in conversations with business and community leaders in urban, rural, and frontier communities about employee talent, business environment, infrastructure, and community. DH delivered a comprehensive report to AWB bringing the top priorities across the state into clear focus. The report will be integral in the development of the vision for Washington’s future and will shape legislative policy and action regarding the state’s economic growth.

We’re grateful to be working with our clients and partners to empower people, causes and organizations to create positive change. Thank you to those who have been a part of our journey and helped make this year one to remember.

Our Team

June marked one year as a combined agency since DH’s acquisition of Nyhus Communications. Our team continued to grow, bringing us to 48 full-time DHers. 

Beyond our work with clients, our team cares deeply about being present in the communities where we work, play, and live. Here’s a sampling of the places DHers volunteered this year:

We spent 2,304 hours volunteering with organizations such as:

  • City Year Seattle/King County
  • Spokane Riverkeeper
  • Camp Journey Northwest
  • Odyssey Youth Movement
  • Spokane Helpers Network
  • Art Salvage
  • Active4Youth
  • Hamblen Elementary
  • Vote Save America

Sharing What We’ve Learned

DHers stepped up to leadership roles outside of work, too.

Team Milestones

DHers celebrated one another’s big life events, and we stocked up on treats for when Ollie stopped by.

Tyler wrote a new book

Jared directed a play

Annie got engaged and is expecting a baby

Kyle brought Ollie home

Brie went on safari in Tanzania and Kenya

Porscha went to Tanzania

Michael Dean became a dad

Alex C. built a tiny house

Hannah went to Northern Ireland

Emily went to Rome, Barcelona, Paris, and Amsterdam

Dean got married

Katie got engaged

Elena bought a new house

Megan, Alex C., Ruben, and Ian moved to Seattle

Looking back at the year we’ve had, we’re proud to play a role with our clients and partners in empowering people, causes, and organizations to create positive change. To those who have been a part of our journey and who have helped make this year another one to remember, thank you. We’re continuously grateful for the opportunity to support our partners and friends as we work together to build a brighter tomorrow.

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