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Our team deeply believes the work we do with clients makes the world a better place.

Life at DH

Established in 1996, DH is recognized for the results we help our clients achieve in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. With offices in beautiful Spokane, Washington, we have a dynamic and diverse team of experienced communications professionals who come from all over the world.

At DH, we practice Agile, an agency-management discipline designed to help people work better, faster and happier. We’re a self-empowered team and we’re motivated by the positive impact we help create. 

Career opportunities

We seek people who are eager to tackle some of our industry’s most challenging problems and pursue big ideas. We’re always looking for talented public relations, advertising and branding experts who bring fresh perspectives and a desire to make a difference.

Our mission:

your unique reason for existing

We empower people, causes and organizations to create positive change.

Our vision:

the state of the world because of the impact you make

A more connected and positive society.

Our values

We are inspired

At DH, we care about the world. We work with people who share our values about healthier, more just and prosperous communities. We make a meaningful difference together.

WE ARE Zealous

Our founder used to assign this label to our team. There’s a spirit of commitment that runs deep within the agency. Once we commit to a client or project, we are all in. We become our clients’ partners, advocates, resource, counselors and friends. We tease out their curiosity and ask hard questions. We value our clients’ trust, and we believe our best work is born out of that trust.

We are Thoughtful

We care about one another. We’re friends as well as colleagues. We’re kind, even under pressure. We jump in to help one other.

Diversity statement

Diversity fuels us and our work

DH works to make the world more connected, inclusive and just. We believe that empowering people means making space for and raising diverse voices inside our agency, with our clients and in our community.

We foster a culture of inclusivity and respect, encouraging and supporting employees as they bring their whole, authentic selves to our work. Our diverse identities, perspectives and experiences make us better problem-solvers and communicators — making our work more impactful.

Internships for students

We offer occasional internships for top students. If you’re interested in pursuing an internship at DH, please submit a cover letter, resume and three of your best work samples to [email protected].

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