COVID-19   Tactics

Business helping business: Washington COVID-19 toolkit

May 26, 2020
Washington state has made steady progress against the coronavirus thanks to leadership from state agencies, community groups and businesses large and small across the state. From its leadership role as the state’s chamber of commerce, the Association of Washington Business (AWB) has stepped up as a collaborative partner with government to equip small businesses with critical information and resources as the pandemic continues to run its course.

AWB published a new toolkit of resources we encourage Washington businesses to review. It features:

  • A portal where businesses can connect with Washington state manufacturers to buy PPE.
  • A toolkit featuring downloadable, customizable resources including facility signage, social distancing floor stickers, a safety plan template and more, designed to help small businesses re-open safely.

Access the new toolkit and its resources here.

As I serve on AWB’s task force representing the voices of business across the state, I’m continually inspired by the collaborative approach the private sector is taking. Washington state businesses are working on everything from shifting to manufacture PPE and cleaning supplies to increasing our testing capacity. In this moment where we need “all hands on deck,” I am seeing businesses all over the state contribute in creative and meaningful ways. It will take all of us, working together, to ensure our economy re-opens, and stays open, safely.

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