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A conversation with Nico Archer, DH’s newest partner

July 20, 2022

On July 1, DH announced Nico Archer had joined its partnership team. Nico’s passion for our work, his deep commitment to our clients and his incredibly broad depth of skills and thinking inspires clients and DHers alike. As Nico now settles into his new role, we asked him to share a few thoughts — about why he originally joined DH and what excites him about the future.


You joined DH in 2016, after working several years (100% remote!) at a Philadelphia-based digital agency. What interested you about the opportunity at DH?


DH has a strong focus on social good. And while I had a great experience working at my previous organization, I really wanted to work on issues that affected the community where I worked and lived. Today, I’m still awed by the work we do and how it shapes and improves communities.


What do you think is most distinct about DH and its approach to clients’ work?


I think DH truly leads with a channel-agnostic, integrated approach. We truly work to understand the problem our client is trying to solve, or the issue they’re trying to influence, and then build a plan that achieves those results.

DH has grown and evolved, so we now provide clients a breadth and scale of services that is rarefrom branding, advertising and media buying to social change marketing, strategic communications and PR.


What excites you about joining the partner team at DH and the future of the firm?


 Great question! I think my fellow partners Michelle, Andrei, Sara and Christine would say I bring a unique perspective. That I look at the world differently. That I look at people and staff and career paths in nontraditional ways. And, that I’m always thinking about the future and looking for ways to grow our agency’s capabilities to meet our client’s needs and opportunities on the horizon.

Honestly, I’m very invested in DH. I’ve been committed since my first day to the amazing work and clients we work with here. I’ve never felt as excited about other professional challenges or work opportunities as I do about what we do here.


When DH celebrated its 25th anniversary as an organization last year, one of its founders, Jim Desautel, talked about how the organization was founded on the notion of zealotry. How do you bring this to your work?


Zealotry can be one of those words with different connotations. But I always go back to the organizations we work with—it’s a privilege, an honor, what people entrust us to do. Societal good. Community good. We are Zealots in that we believe in our clients and are champions for the change they see for the world. It’s part of DH’s DNA and it’s always what my heart comes back to.

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