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Tyler Tullis

Tyler once worked in account services, but now he just has one account — DH. Tyler tells the firm’s brand story and helps our team connect with new clients. If you’re gaining insights from a blog post, learning tips from an email campaign, or listening to someone from our team speak at a conference, you probably can credit Tyler.
Vice President
DH brand champion
Campaign strategist
Nintendo lifer

Tyler’s take on:

Choosing a marketing agency

If you need someone to produce a brochure or a TV spot, and that’s about it, you need a vendor. If you need to drive enrollments, sell products or create social change, you need a strategic partner.

A great agency should serve as your business consultant as much as a creative specialist, helping you drive toward your measurable outcomes through communications strategies. Look for a firm where you’ll be asked probing questions about your business’s objectives, Tyler says. And look for a culture fit. Your partner should make the challenges of building a brand campaign as easy (and fun) as possible for you and your team.

Change as a constant in the digital world

The digital-marketing world moves hyperfast. As marketers, we have to invest in professional development and steep ourselves in industry best practices.

Tyler advises:

Make it part of your daily life to ask, What new tools are available today? How could those work for me?

Marketing outcomes increasingly revolve around integrated content strategy, and marketers need the tools and recourses to create this content, and to measure and optimize it over time.

The best video game of all time

Tyler is unequivocal: It’s Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

“It’s an immersive experience that doesn’t coddle,” he says. “It throws you into a massive world with a single, clear objective, then lets you accomplish it however you want. It’s a brilliant reinvention of gaming’s most venerated franchise.” If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to ask Tyler.


Bachelor of arts, public relations, Gonzaga University

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