25 years of growth

November 17, 2021
This month, DH marks 25 years in business.

Our founders recently recounted our founding story and reflected on the firm’s evolution (worth a read if you missed it), but this piece isn’t a summary of our past, or a prediction of our future.

This is a piece to say thank you — to the clients, partners and DH team members whose collective vision for better connected communities have fueled our organization for a quarter century.

To our clients

In the last 25 years, we’ve been fortunate to serve as a strategic partner to organizations that are committed to excellence in their industries. Organizations working on solutions to tough problems. Organizations seeking to make communities stronger and more vibrant.

The missions and values of our clients regularly inspire us. They’ve informed the projects we take on to make communities stronger, safer, healthier and more just.

And, best of all, they have been wonderful human beings to work with. Individuals whose passion for affecting positive change drives them as people, as well as leaders.

To our partners

Whether we’re increasing seatbelt use, building a brand or helping hospitals build a better patient experience, rarely are we producing strategy and content on our own. From freelancers,  video production studios, community-based organizations, media partners, IPREX partners and more, affecting social change is a team sport. We’re grateful to all our partners who have helped us over the years!

To our team

Jim Desautel once labeled our team as Zealots, for their commitment to creating positive change and achieving results for our clients. That quality is something we’ve looked for in new hires, but it’s also an infectious cultural phenomenon in our office.

Our people are the driving force behind the amazing work we’ve produced over the years. They’re strategists. Musicians. Athletes. Parents. Authors. Volunteers. Dog moms. And just some of the best people we’ve ever known. They care deeply about work we take on, and each other.

And, there’s more of us than ever before! In 2021 alone, DH hired 9 new team members as we’ve seen the biggest year of growth in the history of the firm.

So, thank you

Whether you’re a client, a partner or a DH alumnus out in the world, thank you for your leadership and passion to make the world a better place. You inspire us, and we wouldn’t be here without you.

Cheers to another 25 years!


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