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Heather Zangara headshot on black background.

Heather Zangara

Accounting Specialist

Time Tracker

Honest Talker

Safer Boarder

As the person who creates and sends invoices to DH clients, Heather knows the value of the agency’s work. She also appreciates the value of experience – her colleagues’ and her own, in the office and on her favorite mountains.

Heather’s take on:

The value of time well spent

Part of Heather’s job is to calculate the hours the DH team spends working with and for clients. She’s found that at DH, a lot of that time goes into research, planning, setting strategy – the work that comes before the work you see. DH clients value the observable results of their partnerships with DH – the public-affairs wins, the lovely logos. When they work with DH, they’re also investing in the time it takes to arrive at campaigns and other programs that have been examined from all angles, informed by experience and expertise. Heather’s the one who can (and will) tell you what we did with that time and why — so we can stay on budget while producing smart programs.

The value of honest conversation

DH uses the “Fierce Conversations” model to address the small miscommunications that happen at work – before they grow into big problems. The model calls for colleagues to present their point of view honestly and promptly — to lean into into a hard conversation and to “make it real.” It was a new concept to Heather, and to most other DH employees before the whole team underwent “Fierce” training. But it can be life-changing, Heather learned: “‘I understand what you’re saying or feeling’ — I don’t think I’d ever said those words before. But I’m glad I’m learning how.”

Snowboarding, then and now

A skier since age 3, Heather got her first snowboard at 16 – the first model designed specifically for women. “When it started being a thing, I jumped on and started doing it,” she says. Compared with skiing, “snowboarding is way more fun, way more challenging.” Back in the day, she rode her board through stands of trees and challenged herself with new tricks. She’s less of a ride-off-the-side-of-a-cliff boarder these days. As a mother of two boys, she’s trying to keep herself in one piece.


Bachelor’s in Communications, Washington State University


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