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Emily Davidson

Media Coordinator

Reporting Guru

Outdoor Ad Whiz

Zag For Life

Emily operates at the point where the rubber of an advertising campaign hits the road. She finds the right corner for a billboard or the perfect digital outlet that sends a message out into the world. And when you’re looking for someone to tell you exactly how many people saw your ad, Emily is the keeper of that precious info.

Optimizing digital media performance

Optimizing digital media is process that should be continued from the start to end of a campaign. When optimizing a campaign, start by diving into your data. It’s important to understand what each metric is showing and exactly how it is calculated – that’s where you’ll be able to identify optimization opportunities. Once you understand where your ad can be optimized, you get dig into how. How are consumers interacting with your ad? Where is it taking them and what do your landing pages look like on desktop and mobile? Where do they go next? What behavior patterns and drop off points can be identified? Pull in data from multiple platforms and sources to get a full picture of the consumer experience and use that data to influence your optimization decisions.

The state of traditional media

If you Google “traditional media” you’ll see headlines such as “Traditional Media is Dead!” or “How Digital Advertising Is Replacing Traditional Methods” – but don’t count traditional media out just yet! Studies are still showing the effectiveness of traditional media and, even in an increasingly digitally-dominant world, traditional media holds a high trust value that digital ads simply don’t have to the same degree. It’s no secret reaching audiences through multiple channels – traditional AND digital – yields increased results. Eye-catching, informative, traditional media, when partnered with the two-way communication power of digital media, can support the effectiveness of digital ads and increase ever-coveted organic traffic. When we focus on how traditional media can support digital media, and vice versa, traditional media shows it still has a place in our digital world.

Why she loves Gonzaga basketball

Community. Gonzaga has the talent, but a lot of teams have talent. It’s the community-mindedness of the team and the support player-to-player, coach-to-player, and fans-to-team that makes Gonzaga so special. The community-oriented program builds a level of trust that is carried on to the court and gives Gonzaga a powerful advantage over any other team. If you don’t believe me, go read the committing statements from all the incoming freshmen and transfers!

Some of Emily’s work

  • King County Trailhead Direct
  • Washington State Health Care Authority
  • Washington State ABLE Savings Plan


B.A. Public Relations, minor in Promotions, Gonzaga University – Magna Cum Laude

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