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Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital


WHEN WE STARTED WORK TOGETHER, Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital was in an interesting position. It had grown from 750 to 2,300 employees in less than two years. Yet employees wondered why the organization needed to grow. Though Memorial was investing in stunning new facilities, its bond rating had dropped and people didn’t understand why new buildings were necessary. Its local competitor was in financial distress. Yet the competitor was winning more higher-profit service line work.

A Marketing Program with a Distinct Point of View

Working collaboratively with Memorial’s team, we’ve accomplished a lot since those early days. From a rebranding and researching consumer sentiment, to digital advertising strategy and creating communications programs that address end-of-life issues, we’ve touched an amazing number of programs and issues.

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The Results

And results tied to business and organizational need have followed. Reputation, physician preference, employee engagement and more have all significantly improved.

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