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WTSC Target Zero


ONE TRAFFIC FATALITY IS ONE TOO MANY. That’s the drive behind Target Zero—to reduce traffic deaths and serious injuries on Washington roadways to zero by 2030. It’s hard work and that’s why the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) teamed up with DH to educate Washingtonians about how to walk and drive safely—free from drugs, alcohol, and distractions, and with their seatbelts on.

DH serves as an extension of the WTSC team in two ways: media buying and creative asset production–everything from statewide Click It or Ticket to a speeding campaign for a specific road in Klickitat County.

Click It or Ticket 2017

Our work on Washington’s Click It or Ticket campaign to reach the 5.6% of drivers not buckling up in our state targeted four key audiences: young men ages 16 to 24, Latino young men ages 16 to 24, rural men ages 55+, and Native American young men. DH knew that a successful campaign would include different creative for each of these four audiences, so we created an entire new set of creative for the Click It or Ticket 2017 campaign that included unique assets for each audience.

The Click It or Ticket campaign —which lasted a little more than two weeks—was a wild success, gaining more than 17,500,000 impressions across the state of Washington via a variety of platforms (radio, multiple digital platforms, and gas station advertising). The :30 “Slasher” spot we created with Kindnss is the winner of a 2018 Northwest Regional American Advertising Award and an American Advertising Federation Gold Award

Creative Asset Production

To support media buy work, WTSC put the DH team to work with creative asset production. We created a series of four :15 second spots that got to the point in concise and entertaining ways. We used the same concept with altering casts to ensure we reach both males and females with anti-speeding and distracted driving messaging.

Saving Lives at the Grass Roots

Each year, WTSC awards grants to groups across the state looking to work toward zero traffic deaths and serious injuries. With each campaign and county requiring unique creative and targeting to reach key audiences, DH set out to craft custom strategies for each region. From a billboard truck on a problematic road in Klickitat County to ferry and Navy base ads in Kitsap County, DH used hyper-targeted creative and tactics to educate Washingtonians about the importance of driving safely.

An example of localized anti-speeding creative specific to Klickitat County. The ad features local law enforcement and employers from the area, which increased consumer engagement rates in the campaign. This bilingual creative was produced as a poster and distributed at grassroots levels in the community, along with a billboard truck that parked along the road in question. Similar localized campaigns were developed for other counties across the state, requiring us to work with different local agencies for each.

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