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Virginia Mason


VIRGINIA MASON HAS A LONG-STANDING REPUTATION FOR EXCELLENCE IN SPECIALTY CARE. The hospital system also recently expanded its primary care network, so we joined forces to help tell that story.

Our primary audiences were moms 25 to 49, along with young professionals just starting their healthcare journey. This campaign focuses on simple but powerful ideas like how easy it is to book an appointment, or that customers can easily fit Virginia Mason’s services around their schedule and lifestyle. We also emphasized the “all under one roof” aspect of their healthcare system.

The challenge was to present these ideas in a way that differentiated from what we typically see for hospitals, which have a reputation for looking and sounding the same. And, it had to be in a way that jived with VM’s stellar brand.

Our Strategy

Our solution for TV and digital video spots to reach wide but targeted audiences? Lose the standard announcer and channel Sir David Attenborough, best known for his nature documentaries. We developed a video series inspired by the classic naturalist observing creatures in their natural habitat. Except these creatures were members of our target audiences. Add some dreamy music and slow-mo shots, and you have a campaign with a vibe that’s fresh, fun, and different.

And, since VMS has an existing partnership with the Seattle Seahawks, we were able to build in our NFL super-franchise into the spots.

The campaign extends from TV, to digital, print and outdoor media. TV spots will also be played during upcoming Seahawks games. So here’s to Virginia Mason’s new spots, now seen in their native environment of Seattle and its surrounding communities.

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