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SPOKANE TRANSIT AUTHORITY (STA) wanted to raise awareness about its free fare day on Black Friday — the biggest holiday shopping day of the year — and highlight that the transit system is a great resource, especially during the chaos of the holiday season.

sleigh the holidays brochure
sta bus

A Fully Integrated Holiday Campaign

DH helped STA launch Sleigh the Holidays, a joyful and cheeky, holiday-inspired, fully integrated campaign. Using playful winter-themed visuals and distinct typography, the campaign ran from mid-November through New Year’s Eve in 2015.

In addition to traditional advertising, created posters and signage to place at prominent shopping locations. We also designed a fully-wrapped Sleigh the Holidays bus.

sta bus and posters

A Community Affair

We got the community involved through a partner outreach strategy. STA held a community event to distribute 3,000 shopper kits which included a regional map of shopping districts and bus routes, exclusive coupons and deals from local businesses, and a shopping list to track gift purchases.

sta shopping kit

A Group Effort

Our partner Synergema developed a microsite with a robust, daily selection of holiday events and activities throughout the region, corresponding with access to bus route information to these events. This partnership also allowed us to leverage social media as a channel for promoting daily content highlighting different destinations. We partnered with other organizations to offer coupons and promotions to holiday shoppers, adding even more value and creating more incentives for participating.

sleigh the holidays microsite
sleigh the holidays brochure

Changing Perceptions

Through this fully integrated campaign, DH helped STA reframe the community’s perception of buses by tapping into what is meaningful to the customer at this time of the year.

sleigh the holidays brochure
bus graphic
sta bus
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