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WHEN YOU’RE THE THIRD LARGEST hospital system in a three-hospital city, how do you market against two significantly bigger systems? And where do you find opportunity to connect with what your patients and community care about most?

Rebranding a hospital and connecting to business strategy.

These were some of the questions that led to DH’s work with Lourdes Health. When we brought the system through a holistic rebranding we needed more than just a new logo. Lourdes asked us to help them think through bigger business opportunities and refine its position on key service lines and ways to listen to and inspire its employees


Culture as a Backbone

The idea behind the Lourdes rebranding is to express the personal, human element of its culture. Its commitment to working towards unparalleled patient care. And to expertise in specific areas, like orthopedics and behavioral health.

At the same time, Lourdes is a Catholic system with a deep commitment to its community. This comes through loud and clear in the culture of the organization.


The Golden Rectangle

In the examples below you’ll see an updated identity and system that’s based on the golden rectangle. Also called the divine proportion, the golden rectangle is found throughout nature, architecture and art. But we also used it to create a grid-based design system that’s easy to use, that combines modern, fresh colors with bold ideas.

A Solid System

Ultimately this is a system that’s grounded and solid. Yet at the same time it feels a bit more boutique and refined compared with the look and feel of typical hospital branding. Finally, the ideas developed in concert with Lourdes’ marketing and executive leadership form the backbone for a powerful communications strategy.

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