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King County Wellness Plan Promotion

In 2017, King County began developing the structure for its new county-wide wellness plan for employees but needed help rolling it out given mixed awareness and perception about prior employee wellness efforts. Informed by employee research, DH developed a rollout plan, message platform, final program name—Balanced You—and creative communications tactics to present the program to employees.

Paramount in bringing the plan to life was making it easy to understand for employees across the county.

So, we developed a series of short, animated videos introducing the new program in accessible language that emphasized benefits, how Balanced You was different from past efforts, and the simple next steps employees could take in order to access the program. The plan also called for an eBlast series to employees, rollout events at various employee sites and blog content about the program.

And remember—King County is a big place with lots of diverse groups of employees, some of which rarely if ever interact with digital communications. To reach various groups that included transit operators, mechanical technicians and mobile positions, our plan called for a series of specialty collateral including a pocket card that mobile employees could carry with them or affix to various work stations with critical information about the program.
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Balanced You is now fully deployed and response from employees has been positive. In the first few months, the videos have been viewed over 2,000 times online. Early adoption of the program shows great promise and King County plans to launch a survey to gauge employee feedback about the new program.
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