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Grant County PUD


THERE’S A LOT YOU MAY NOT KNOW about Grant County, Washington. It produces more potatoes than any other county in the nation (sorry, Idaho). It’s home to one of the longest aircraft runways in the world at 13,500-foot (4,110 m). And, thanks to the Columbia River, it has some of the lowest electricity rates in the country.

Grant County Public Utility District (Grant PUD) enjoyed a healthy reputation among its rate-payers, but even so, they needed to enhance their brand and build awareness of new programs to help people understand their business strategy.

Building brand appreciation

We work with Grant PUD to help facilitate this through the brand campaign that pushes their program forward. The “Powered By” campaign was aimed at clearly and concisely articulating information about the future and connecting with things their customers care about — the local economy, the environment and the community. 

One master campaign visual emphasizing community

Community pride runs deep in many rural areas, and Grant County is no exception. So, we built a campaign featuring real Grant PUD employees, rate-payers and families from across the region. We emphasized the consistent commitment of the utility as community partner engrained into the lives and values of its rate-payers.

The campaign also needed to be flexible to convey tailored information to employees, residential rate-payers, commercial & industrial payers, elected officials and more.

A complete website overhaul

Part of this effort required designing a new, more user-friendly website that reflected core messaging from the brand and from the Powered By campaign. After an extensive audit of their previous site (over 200 pages, most of them rarely engaged with) we built a new site that emphasized an easy navigational path to the places where consumers visited most on the site.

The site pulled in brand and Powered By campaign visuals, and also positioned Grant PUD as a regional hyperlocal expert in the many hidden outdoor activities and natural beauties throughout the county.

The site launched in late 2018 to heightened user-engagement and positive feedback across Grant PUD’s active social media channels

Visit the site at:


The future

While the site is new, the overall brand campaign has been a success. Reputation is stronger than ever, and the utility is exceeding key business and marketing objectives. We’re excited to continue helping Grant PUD tell its story. 

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