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Enjoy Spokane – Parks and Recreation


WITH OVER 80 PARKS, four golf courses, six aquatic centers, and hundreds of camps and classes, Spokane Park & Recreation is a huge division of the City of Spokane. It has multiple departments and often, as a result, segregated marketing efforts. We were tasked with creating a cohesive campaign and digital brand that inspired daydreaming and emphasized a visceral and active experience, in an effort to encourage participation in local Parks and Recreation activities.

A Unified Campaign

DH worked with the division to build a cohesive brand experience to drive enrollment and attendance at parks, camps and sporting activities. Rather than promote these services independently and compete against ourselves to reach the same target audience (parents in Spokane), we decided to consolidate our efforts into a unified summer campaign. We created a fully integrated campaign that included both print and digital collateral, environmental signage, as well as a website.

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A Centralized Hub

All creative directed audiences to a central website that allowed viewers to take immediate action: booking tee times, scheduling swim lessons and summer camps, checking events and hours.

The purpose of the website was to provide potential and current park users with quick, easy access to a hub of pertinant and actionable Parks and Recreation information. The clear, concise, and consistent structure of the site prompted visitors to take immediate action based on their interests—book tee times, schedule swim lessons and summer camps, check events and hours, etc.


Design and Development

The development process for the website began with a strategy session to identify goals and a central call to action for the campaign, which was to enjoy what Spokane Parks has to offer. After this initial input session, we crafted a site map that focused on specific offerings with clear call to action statements. We also worked closely with the City of Spokane to make sure the new Enjoy Spokane site complimented and integrated seamlessly with the current Parks and Recreation resources found on the city’s main website.

The site was fully responsive, easy to navigate and always drove to a conversion point, while showcasing the best of what Spokane Parks & Recreation has to offer.

The Results

In just two short months following its launch, the Enjoy Spokane integrated digital campaign delivered over 1.5 million impressions across Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pandora. We drove 6,500 clicks to the website and more than 65,000 video views. The site and campaign were a success, meeting all of the client’s goals.

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