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Coordinated Care


WHEN COORDINATED CARE entered Washington State’s Medicaid marketplace in 2012, there was nearly a dozen other health plans with a firm grip on the state. Where others saw barriers, we saw opportunity. The way that Medicaid plans talked, looked and communicated were pretty uniform—creating a wall of clutter.

Refreshingly Helpful

So we helped Coordinated Care hone in on what makes them different, and in a way that consumers care about and can relate to. We dug deep and helped Coordinated Care communicate value by showing the plan’s benefits in the context of life milestones and daily occurrences. We also keyed in on the idea of being “refreshingly helpful,” a theme we heard about in our research and a powerful idea. The approach helped us drive awareness and, more importantly, enrollments.

Brand Strategy

And the brand strategy touched more than just advertising. Refreshingly Helpful was incorporated into customer service initiatives, internal communications and more.

A year after we began our work with Coordinated Care, enrollments rose to make Coordinated Care the second biggest plan in the state.

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