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Apple Health For Kids


IN 2013—before the Washington Health Benefit Exchange—more than 83,000 children in Washington were uninsured.

Luckily there was Apple Health for Kids (AHFK), which offered free to low cost health insurance for kids and teens. The problem? Kids who were eligible for the program were not being enrolled.

Health Care Authority, the state organization that oversees AHFK, hired DH and other partners to increase enrollments among the Washington populations with the most uninsured children.

Market Research

DH conducted market research to identify what was preventing parents from enrolling their children. We learned that parents felt overwhelmed and confused by the application process, and many communities did not identify with AHFK’s stale, outdated brand.


Finding Solutions

Our solution? In addition to developing a comprehensive communication plan, we developed a new look and a family of materials to clearly communicate that applying for AHFK is as easy as “1-2-3.” More than 100,000 rack cards in seven different languages and 300 posters in two languages were distributed through hundreds of grassroots efforts, events and clinics.


The Results

And we got the word out. Statewide distribution of news releases and contributed articles earned 40 media hits. We earned 14 million ad impressions online and 1.1 million keyword searches on Google and Bing. TV, radio, print and digital ads drove online traffic that resulted in 11,000 page views and 5,907 unique visitors.

Our campaign worked! Over 40 percent of families who applied were from the toughest to reach audiences: Native American, Asian Pacific Islanders and Hispanic populations. In just five months, the state received applications for 2,320 children.


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