The Worm and the Meatball


Judy Heggem-Davis
Senior Art Director

Aug 21, 2015 | Branding, Creative, Inspiration


I JUST CAME ACROSS this article about the NASA identity system. It’s a great story and one worth reading, especially if you like the old school, Swiss modern look.

But the real story is more than just a tale of a logo. Call me nerdy, but I loved this feature—it tells the very human story of how the logo came into being, overcame resistance to become widely accepted, but in the end was taken out by subversives within the organization. In a way, it’s something many of us can relate to.

Here are two links. Start with this one, which tells the broader story of NASA’s design program.

Then pop over to Flickr and take in the graphic standards of “The Worm.” Helveltica, Futura, Garamond and Times Roman have never looked so good. And be sure to note the logo shown on a grid—back when these standards were developed this was important for reproduction.


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