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emily easley

Emily Easley
Account Director

Oct 28, 2015 | Point of View

tri-cities bizcon business conference

TODAY, ANDREI AND I presented at Tri-Cities BizCon, the region’s leading business event hosted by the Tri-Cities Regional Chamber of Commerce. With a diverse crowd of professionals ranging from small business owners to government contractors and marketing coordinators to VPs, we chose to focus on a topic that everyone can benefit from: strategic marcom planning.

On average, we’re competing for our audience’s attention with thousands of other messages each day.

  • 95% of consumers don’t trust advertising
  • Only 16% believe companies are genuinely interested in them
  • Just 58% agree with the statement, “companies are only interested in selling products and services to me, not necessarily the products or services that are right for me.”*

For people in the marketing function, this is a lot to overcome.

But marketing has changed over the last couple of years in response to these numbers.

An inbound approach where education-based, buy-centric strategies, tactics and content are applied, win consumer attention. The traditional interruption-based, company-centric marketing of past simply doesn’t resonate with key audiences.

So where does marcom planning come in? Planning allows us to create the “roadmap” for activities that guides us in the direction of this trend. It also helps us outline the right mix of strategies and tactics to reach our desired audience. Remember, a consumer must hear a message seven times and by five sources for it to register and to trust it. That means you have to take an integrated approach to marketing. There’s no silver bullet.

So as you dig into your own planning adventure, try to remember these key take-away’s from our presentation:

  1. Discovery – Research is always doable, no matter the limitation on time or budget.
  2. Definition – A marcom plan is a living document hat’s meant to be updated.
  3. Implementation – Try new things … that resonate with your audience.
  4. Measurement – Without measurement, you have no success.

Have questions? Reach out to us. We’re always up for a good planning session!

Want more tools? Download our slides from today and our visioning “headline exercise” for free:

*Your Brand: At Risk or Ready for Growth? Published by Alterian, Written by Michael Hulme of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Lancaster University, 2014.

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