Fare for Friday


Andrei Mylroie

Oct 14, 2014 | Creative, Inspiration, News


ONE OF THE THINGS I love about the culture of DH is our collaboration and the sharing of ideas and inspiration.

Tyler’s blog yesterday was fantastic. But hey, it’s Friday so let’s take a break from anything too heavy. Instead, here is some of what has been passed around or that I’ve heard people talking about recently.

Happy weekend to you.

From Smashing Magazine, perspective about building flexibility into brand systems. Amen. At least amen some of the time. Depends on the organization.

From Bobulate via Swiss Miss, an article about subtracting, not adding. This is as much about life as about marketing. Plus, they reference Thomas Wolfe, who you need to read if you haven’t.

A story of an over-the-top agency pitch. As Judy put it, “It kind of stresses me out just thinking of it, while also being exciting.” Read more over at mingopress.

An op-ed in the NY Times about health care and end of life. Yes, the communicator matters. Yes, it’s a difficult issue. And yes, it ties directly to some of the work we’re doing right now.

How about this slice of awesome, courtesy of Renzi Stone at our IPREX partner, Saxum? Also, Charles Bukowski … you need to read him too if you haven’t.

And finally, a pretty impressive approach from Volkswagen.

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