How Inland Northwest Community Foundation became Innovia Foundation

Tyler Tullis
Director of Marketing

Jun 6, 2018

THIS WEEK, INLAND NORTHWEST COMMUNITY FOUNDATION (INWCF) celebrates becoming Innovia Foundation. After months of collaboration, DH is proud to stand by Innovia Foundation’s side as they officially adopt their new identity.

Since 1974, Innovia Foundation has invested $70 million into the region via grants and scholarships to the region’s most pressing causes and greatest opportunities. They use their assets, which have grown to more than $120 million, to serve 20 counties in Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

Official Innovia brand launch video

The process

INWCF came to DH wanting to update its brand to reflect the innovative work they’re doing and inspire a new generation of philanthropy. The process included the creation of a new logo, a new look and feel for the brand that included a new color palette, new messaging and the establishment of a new tagline:

The new name and brand was the result of a thorough and thoughtful process that not only included Innovia Foundation staff and board members, but also community partners and other key stakeholders.

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The Name

The new name Innovia Foundation means “innovative way.” Not only does the new name subtly hearken back to the region (“INNO” is a shortened version of “Inland Northwest”), but it speaks to the innovation the foundation brings to community transformation. “Via” means “way,” speaking to forging new paths and driving change.

The Logo

The logo is bold, inspiring and energizing. It is made of intersecting vectors and represents a shifting and dynamic landscape. The color palette reflects the dawn with a pattern inspired by natural elements: mountain ranges, rolling fields, river currents, seeds, and flowers. Accent colors reflect the energy of the sun, evoking the transition from dawn to high noon.

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The Launch

We were proud to help them launch their brand in-person with members of the Spokane community this week!

Here’s a post from Innovia Foundation about the event.

dh team at innovia brand launch event

L-R: Christine Varela, Julie Smetana, Kaelynn Crume, Jessica Wade, Sean Finley, Mike Bookey, and Taylor Oddino

Other Recent Brand Evolutions

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We look forward to sharing a full case study of our work with Innovia soon!

In the meantime, check out what Innovia Foundation has to say about their brand launch.

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