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Sara Johnston

Apr 16, 2020

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Like many of our clients and partners across the United States, DH has transitioned entirely to remote work since the onset of physical distancing. The safety and health of our team and clients always comes first, but we’re grateful to have the infrastructure and tools to continue collaborating and producing urgent work for our clients without missing a beat.

Having said that, this new reality is not without its inherent challenges for any team working in extended isolation. (Parents can only hear Frozen 2 in the background so many times before they’re ready to venture into the unknown themselves.)

We asked DHers what they’ve learned so far about working from home and what they’re doing to keep sane and productive. Our team came up with 10 ideas for working remotely, offering a look directly into the lives of DHers at home

Dress for success (quarantine-style).

Dressing up for zoom calls can make all the difference in how you feel. A scarf over a sweatshirt is a great strategy and changing into your “fancy” slippers can fuel your presentation mojo.

Michelle Hege, CEO

Michelle Hege's Silver Fancy Slippers at home.
Little boy reaching to play with the laptop that mom is using to work at home.

Be transparent.

Be open and honest about your situation to set expectations — have a baby and can
only work when they sleep? Say that.
Alex. Evans, Senior Account Director

Set up your kid-coworkers for success.

Have a wide variety of activities she can do on her own: craft projects, video games, educational games/programs, streaming programs, etc. And then setting regular breaks to spend time with her whenever I can.

Jenn Fanto, Production Manager

Mother and daughter at their desk working at home.
A nice window lit at home office.

Break it up.

My tip for working from home is breaking up work by taking little breaks to pause the momentum/compulsion of working. In the office, you switch conference rooms, pass people in the hall, little moments that let you return to yourself and take a pause. I was struggling with that the first part of last week, just flowing from work project to work project, Zoom call to Zoom call, that I felt exhausted. I am trying to work in little “breaks” to give my brain a little space to reorient before diving into the next thing.
Jessica Wade, VP of Client Services

Find ways to connect about non-work things.

I like to check in with co-workers to see how life is going and talk about our weekends or plans or families – things we would talk about when in the office. This point of connection is something I miss the most when working from home. I use Slack, phone, text, etc. to keep in touch, whatever.

Linda Jones, Associate Creative Director

Mother and daughter eating snacks on the couch and working.
Mom trying to work while daughter conveniently has feet on laptop.

Set a schedule for the kiddos.

A tip for working at home with kids would be to try and create structure for the day. Plan in breaks where your kiddo can have your full attention. And find time to get outside for a walk.
Christine Varela, Partner

Find personal space.

Working in the same house for the past 3-4 weeks with a significant other and a 100lb German Shepherd means there is no personal space, and you make do with what you have. Converting the dining table to a second office is the key to a successful workday quarantine!”

Katie Haslebacher, Account Executive

German Shepard sitting at a desk.
Andrei taking a break to get active with his dog Friday at home.

Embrace your inner RBG and get moving.

I’m someone that’s not typically chained to my desk throughout the day. I move a lot between meetings, airplane gates, stand-up discussions and more. So working from home, I’ve found myself tighter and stiffer than usual, and more easily distracted, too. My solution? Once an hour getting in 10 pushups, a few squats, or a yoga vinyasa or two…ideally with my personal trainer, Friday, to help me out. RBG —eat your heart out.
Andrei Mylroie, Partner

Work with the space you have.

I am stuck in a tiny space so my tip would be to get a desk if you can! And get outside at least once a day for some exercise! I have been running on the centennial trail. Thankful we are experiencing relatively nice weather.

Annie Blake-Burke, Senior Account Executive

Putting together a desk to start working at home.

Recognize we’re closer than we seem.

If there’s been a silver lining in all this for me, it’s been growing closer to people farther away. We’re collaborating on projects with IPREX partners on the other side of the country (shout-out to Marketing for Change), but right now they’re no farther than the same Zoom call between me and DHers hunkered down on the other side of my neighborhood. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt more like we’re all one global community than working through this.
Tyler Tullis, Senior Director of Marketing
Two dogs looking up for attention while their parent is working at home.
A Zoom call with some IPREX members all working remote at home.
A yellow lab on the couch next to mom working at home.
At home working while the baby is wanting some attention.
Emily getting some fresh air working on her balcony at home .
Our employee funny hat Zoom call.
Little puppy co worker at home at the desk.
Julie and her cat Nestle who is always micromanaging.
Working remote with their dog looking for some love too.
A work Zoom call with employees having their pets join in on the fun.
A dog sitting in front of mom's desk.

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