A Conversation with Harry Burgess

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Tyler Tullis
Director of Marketing

Jun 12, 2018 | Creative, Culture

Harry Burgess

IF YOU’VE SWUNG BY OUR CREATIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT in the last month or so, you may have noticed a new face. Along with a new, distinctively English voice. If you haven’t, it’s our pleasure to introduce our newest Graphic Designer, Harry Burgess. We sat down to ask him a few questions about his background and how he ended up here at DH.

Harry. We want to talk about your mad design skills but we’re still transfixed on your accent.

Thanks, I suppose. It’s Mancunian (means I’m from Manchester). Born and raised in the UK. I’m from a small industrial town about 15 minutes outside of Cheshire.

What gets a young Mancunian interested in design?

I sort of stumbled onto it, really. I was interested in film production when I started university, which led me to design internships with different agencies that convinced me this was what I wanted to do. I got inspired by work I saw from firms like Pentagram and Gretl. I worked for Landor after university and focused on brand work, pretty good mix of print and digital content.

Any favorite projects from your time at Landor or other agencies?

I got to support a pitch for a Paramount theme park that would have been outside of London in 2022. Would have been bigger than Disneyland Paris. The pitch didn’t go through but it was great fun to work with big IPs like Tomb Raider and Mr. Bean in this beautiful printed book that told the story of the park. We put a lot of time into that–worked from 8am to 11pm lots of nights.

And what brought you to the states?

I met my wife when she was in England through an exchange program between Whitworth University and Preston University. She’s from Spokane so I came over to live closer to her home.

We’re glad you did! Any fun projects you’ve been able to work on so far or things you’re looking forward to doing more of?

I’m working on a few brand development projects now and I’ve got to support on some creative pieces like a coloring book for Spokane Transit Authority which has been fun. Looking forward to practicing up video skills with Sean for sure.

What do you fill your time with when you aren’t designing?

My wife and I like to be outside–that’s a definite perk of living here. We go camping and kayaking in the warmer months. And I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy. It’s brain food.

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