A Conversation with Andrei: IPREX Global President

Tyler Tullis
Director of Marketing

Oct 4, 2017

WE’RE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT DH PARTNER Andrei Mylroie was recently elected Global President of IPREX, an international organization of independently owned firms like ours. We sat down with Andrei to talk about why he got involved and to ask a bit more about IPREX.

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Since you’re now IPREX’s global president we assume you have a pretty good elevator pitch for what the group is?

Andrei: IPREX is a $350 million network of communication agencies with 1,800 staff and more than 100 offices worldwide. Every agency is independently owned. We’re all members of IPREX because it’s the right thing for our agencies and for our clients. We regularly partner on projects, share best practices and allow professional development for members, giving clients at any one firm access to a global network of expertise and resources. It’s an inspiring and diverse group of people leading the industry.

iprex team berlin

Some of the IPREX team in Berlin.

Why did DH get involved in IPREX in the first place?

Andrei: We originally joined, 10 years ago, because we were growing national and international work, and increasingly needed geographic reach. For example, investor relations support in New York, or perspective about marketing opportunities in the UK. IPREX checked this box for us, but we ended up getting fundamentally more value than what we expected.

For example?

Andrei: While we’ve pushed a lot of work into the network, we’ve also gained a ton of perspective about agency management and opportunities to improve the firm. We’ve gained access to expertise as we’ve invested in areas like creative and digital development, media buying and more. Having a trusted group of people to collaborate with and share agency management experiences has been invaluable, and made us a better agency.

And what about you personally? What motivates you to be involved?

Andrei: In terms of my own enlightened self-interest, there are a couple of things that I especially love about IPREX that influenced my decision to serve as global president when I was asked.

First, I 100% believe in IPREX. It’s hands down the best way for our clients to get national or global support. I’ve seen this for our clients, and for others as well.

On top of this, I’ve personally gained a ton of perspective from partners around the world. I can’t underline this enough, but the discussions I have with partners about business, about politics, about marketing or consumer trends…it’s had a huge influence on me and on DH. We all know it’s a big world, but when you experience what it’s like to work in Shanghai first hand, hear from Germans about the opportunities they see, or get pushed by someone asking about how we really influence consumer behavior, it makes an enormous impact.

And finally, it’s a chance to serve an organization and people I care about. It’s certainly a different kind leadership opportunity for me.

Did you make any cool campaign promises to become president? What’s on your agenda?

Andrei: Ha! Well, there was talk about a Trump wig at our last annual meeting, that thankfully never saw the light of day. I was a bit terrified about this prospect.

In terms of an agenda, it’s not just mine, but the IPREX executive committee is quite focused on helping our partner firms grow by putting pieces in place to make it easier for all of us to collaborate. We also want to continue giving agencies more tools that make sense for them. So for example, we’ve started hosting small groups of finance and operations leads, giving professional development opportunities that promise to help create stronger agencies. And we’re doing a ton of best practices work—giving the teams at our partner agencies insight into the truly innovative work being done around the world, and allowing others to learn from this. There’s a ton more I can say about all of this, but that’s at least an overview.

andrei and iprex partners Friederike and Kathy

Andrei with IPREX partners Friederike Meister and Kathy Tunheim.

What are some of the trends you see coming for communications firms and their clients with this global perspective?

Andrei: That’s a giant question, but one of the big things being discussed is the pace of change, and how we can evolve more quickly and stay ahead of trends. This is an example of how IPREX has an enormous advantage. While our firms range in size, we’re all independent and incredibly nimble. When we share ideas or practices, the thing I’ve observed is each agency can put new ideas into place quickly. This is fundamentally different than what we see from the multinational holding companies that are struggling to adapt to a changing marketplace.

So what’s up next? Any exciting meetings you’re looking forward to?

Andrei: I just returned this week from meetings in Berlin, and I’ll be in Dallas next month with partners from the Americas. Next year should be fantastic, with our annual meeting in Dubai. It’s a place I’m personally fascinated by, and that I believe will only be more important over time as a gateway to the Middle East and Africa.


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