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Tyler Tullis
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Dec 5, 2017 | Culture

Alex. Evans

WE CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO MEET our newest team member Alex. Evans (yes, that’s an abbreviation for Alexandra). She comes to us after serving seven years in the Obama administration. We asked her how her career unfolded and what brought her to DH. We got a lot of cool stories.

Alex.’s first day…
Let’s get this out of the way now—do you have a photo with you and President Obama?

Yes…I can bring it tomorrow. (She does, and it’s signed by him thanking her for her great work.)

So cool. Tell us about the career arc that took you to the White House? Did you always want to work in politics or government?

Well, I technically started working in government after college—as a summer mail carrier for USPS in my hometown of Seattle. Out of college I moved around doing all sorts of jobs (nanny, gym manager, cruise ship employee, you name it). I suppose my career started in 2008 when I decided to join then Senator Obama’s presidential campaign as a volunteer in Seattle. I got more involved and was hired full time.

Can you talk about the various jobs you had over the years as part of the administration?

I started as an Advance Associate with in the White House, managing presidential event logistics usually regarding media relations. From there I served in the Department of Defense as one of Secretary Hagel’s advance officers coordinating events and travel both foreign and domestic. I negotiated logistics like who was going to be in which helicopter, who we were meeting with and what each party hoped to gain out of the visit. I coordinated media interviews and, really, all details. That led me to Health and Human Services as the Director of Advance for Secretary Burwell. It was a blast to strategically plan events where the secretary was paired up with radio DJs and millennial opinion influencers to promote open enrollment of the ACA to our target communities.

And your final role was back with DOD, is that right?

Yes, as Director of Operations for Deputy Secretary Works’ office. I had really enjoyed my time at DOD previously, so it seemed like the right move as the administration was coming to a close. It was interesting to support communications on issues like unaccompanied minors from the perspective of different departments. It gave me a holistic view into how to tackle big issues and coordinate disparate teams of people.

How much traveling did your positions require?

A lot. I’ve visited 46 states, 22 countries (including four jaunts to Afghanistan) and been on every continent with President Obama except Antarctica. A big part of my role was being dispatched ahead of the president to setup and coordinate events. I was usually on the ground a week ahead of domestic trips and two weeks ahead of foreign trips.

You must have quite the catalogue of cool stories.

Yes, lots of great overseas stories; but many of my favorite memories are from the States. I remember visiting a family farm in Iowa hit hard by the drought in 2012 and just listening to their story as they drove us around their corn fields. President Obama wanted us to find out what the administration could do to help. Those were always moving experiences. A colleague of mine gave me a great piece of advice when I started: remember to take off your work hat and just witness unique moments as yourself, like when the president is meeting a foreign dignitary or buying a hoagie from a mom and pop shop. People have such emotional reactions to him and it’s really something to take in.

And you still have Top Secret security clearance, which is cool.

I do! I could tell you more about it but… you know.

What brought you to the agency business after your time in the administration?

I moved to Spokane to be back in my home state and because my fiancé is stationed at Fairchild Airforce Base. I had heard about DH from colleagues and was immediately interested when saw the team’s passion for their work and each other. I’m really excited to apply some of my project management and public affairs skills and hopefully help DH do more work in this area. I’m excited to learn more about all of the integrated marketing services here too.

What keeps you busy outside the office?

These days, it seems to be our 8-year-old daughter, Ava, and house projects—I built a deck this summer! I’m also a Key Spouse for my fiancé’s Air Force squadron, so I play an active role in communicating with families of servicemen and women.

Finally—you abbreviate your first name with a period. That’s interesting.

It came from my great-grandfather Alexander. He always insisted on abbreviating his name with a period, so I’m just continuing the family legacy.

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