A Conversation with Taylor Oddino

Jessica Wade

Jessica Wade
Senior Account Executive

Apr 27, 2017

Taylor Oddino

Taylor Oddino started at DH as an intern last summer, and we quickly realized she had something special. She joined our team part-time then became a full-time employee at the beginning of the year. She is smart, funny, detail-oriented, and a very talented writer. Allow us to introduce you.

Tell us about yourself.

I am 21-years-old and a recent graduate of Whitworth University with a degree in journalism and communications and a minor in French language. I was born in Sacramento, CA, and lived for a while in Chicago before moving to Spokane. I spend all my free time dancing or teaching dance. I’m also a huge animal lover: I’ve had almost every kind of pet: cows, horses, chickens, rabbits, crabs, parrots, geese, and even rats.

What brought you to DH?

I actually got referred from the place I used to intern. I started here at DH and interned throughout my last semester of college. I joined the team part-time before becoming an official, full-time employee in January. I could not be happier—the team is amazing and I am learning so much. I am beyond grateful for the support and guidance from everyone as I become a more-involved team member and contribute in larger ways.

What do you do when you’re not busy working?

I teach ballet, as well as lyrical and contemporary dance at a local studio. I’m also a part of a local modern company called Vytal Movement.

Do you have a place you go to or an activity you do when you need to calm down?

Honestly, one of my favorite things to do is to clean my room. I know that might sound odd, but putting away laundry and cleaning out clutter is restorative for me.

If you could dance with anyone in the world, who would you dance with?

With my my students. My youngest student is about three. My oldest is 17, and I teach all ages in between. They give me so much joy.

What’s your favorite dance performance?

Since I’m a classical ballerina at heart, I’d have to go with a ballet—Romeo and Juliet (see here) is one of my favorites. But I also love George Balanchine: Apollo (see here) and George Balanchine’s Union Jack (see here).

Are you a morning or a night person?

Both! I’ve never had a problem hopping out of bed in the morning and being excited for the day. But then I love the quiet of the night and watching TV or reading or doing something relaxing. The problem with this? I tend not to sleep much!

If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I am an absolute cheese addict—we’re talking obsessed. Mizithra brown butter pasta is to die for.

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