A Conversation with John Mujica

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Jessica Wade
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Sep 2, 2015 | Culture

John Mujica

WE ARE STOKED to introduce you to John Mujica, DH’s new graphic designer. He joined our team a few months ago, and we love working with him. He’s kind, soft-spoken, thoughtful, and an amazing designer. Allow us to introduce you to John.

Tell us about yourself.

John: I am from the great state of Texas. I moved to Spokane in 2007, and I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in visual communication design from Eastern Washington University and an AAS in graphic design from Spokane Falls Community College. I was in the Navy for three and a half years where I lived in Italy for most of my active duty service. I have two kids, ages seven and nine.

How did you choose design as a career?

John: As a young rapscallion, I used to make T-shirt designs by hand and flyers for my friends’ concerts using collage. Even in the Navy, I designed pieces that promoted work space morale. It wasn’t until I got out of the Navy that I learned I could make money doing what I love.

What brought you to DH?

John: The positive culture and constant affirmation from everyone here. The team works together cohesively. Even though we’re not supposed to, designers take their work personally, and when it gets rejected, we feel low. So having a positive atmosphere is really important, as well as a focus on finding ways to improve. DH has a reputation for encouraging learning and setting goals. I am excited to keep progressing in design and in my career.

What has been your favorite project so far?

John: I heart logos. All the time.

What keeps you busy when you’re not in the office?

John: Design is my life. My hobbies include a daily ingestion of design, random hands-on projects, promoting a greater industry of personable designers. I like to stay active doing volunteer work for AAF Spokane. I encourage everyone to give back in some form or fashion, and I enjoy helping people early in their career get some exposure and meet people in the industry. I’m excited about the Collective Campout that took place in August. I presented the idea to AAF Spokane for creatives from around the region to spend a weekend at “camp” learning, creating and growing together.

Now we’re going to switch gears and ask some less serious questions. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?

John: Back to La Maddelana, Sardinia. It is on one of the Tuscan Archipelago islands off the coast of Italy. It’s a resort community with beaches. I lived there while in the Navy, and I liked to go to the clubs, swim at the beach, and play volleyball with the locals.

Of what accomplishment are you most proud?

John: As a student, I received a national GOLD ADDY at the 2012 American Advertising ADDY Awards for my BFA project. It was a nontraditional ad campaign geared at raising awareness about drug addiction and alcohol abuse. I designed a photo mosaic of feet in a morgue, and each had a toe tag. It was interactive, so viewers could turn the tag over and read stats about someone who actually died of drugs or alcohol. I also created a companion piece—a little booklet that had stories of survival. It used the same images that were pixelated to communicate that under drug use, you lose your perspective and focus.

What is the best prank you’ve ever pulled?

John: When my friend was out of the office, I took a screen capture of his computer’s desktop. Then I put all his folders from his desktop in a folder, and I set the screen capture as the background desktop image, so it looked like his regular desktop, only he couldn’t get any of the folders to open. He flipped out for a second when he couldn’t figure out why. He didn’t know what I had done, but he knew I had done something. We had a good laugh.

Name three items you’d like to take with you on a deserted island.

John: Genie in a lamp. Wishing well. A shooting star.

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