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Jessica Wade
Senior Account Executive

Sep 13, 2016 | Culture

#fabcollab team

SPOKANE IS FORTUNATE to have a close-knit and growing community of marketing, public relations and creative professionals. There are three major associations for these folks to go for professional development—Spokane Regional MarCom Association, the Greater Spokane Public Relations Society of America, andAmerican Advertising Federation Spokane.

DH has been involved in all three groups over the years, but this year something special happened. The presidents of each group are all part of the DH team, and they saw an opportunity to build a more collaborative effort between the groups. Here’s what the #FabCollab had to say about it.

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DH: Why did you three decide this was the year for more collaboration between the three groups?

Hayley: I think the fact that we all became presidents at the same time really sparked our imagination. There was a natural desire to collaborate on a program or two since we’ve dipped our toes in those waters in past years. The three of us are also great friends and collaborate in the office every day so we thought, what a cool opportunity to cut through some of the red tape that might exist between boards when they don’t know each other well.

Tyler: When I look at the industry in Spokane I see a lot of multidisciplinary collaboration happening, but I haven’t necessarily seen that reflected between these three groups. I was part of a stigma at one point that sort of unfairly assumed any AAF members were a group of hipster designers and that I wouldn’t fit in, where others might have thought PRSA folks are limited to director-level professionals. As I’ve matured in my career I’ve seen how silly those assumptions are, and it turns out there’s really good integrated marketing content coming from all three of the groups. So much of it is useful “across the aisle.” There’s much more we have in common as communicators than we might think.

Emily: Agreed. The cool thing that DH has taught all three of us, I think, is that the most successful marketing strategies use an integrated approach. The best communicators aren’t just creative or strategic, they’re both. Professionals need to be more integrated in their knowledge, skills and approach to compete for jobs and make more of an impact for their employers. A creative background is only made stronger with some media pitching knowledge or social media strategy–they don’t have to be exclusive to one professional or another.

DH: So what does your collaborative program look like?

Hayley: We’re piloting a few things this year. For starters, we’re holding the first ever collaborative event where we pool our resources to bring in a national speaker relevant to all three membership audiences. We are welcoming the marketing lead of Disney Theatrical Group, Scott Hemerling. He will be speaking at our event this coming week at Gonzaga University.

Emily: We’re also launching a program where current members of each group will be issued two “Golden Tickets” which allows them to attend programming at any of the groups at member price. Our hope is members will use the opportunity to continue to expand their professional development horizons. All three of our groups have great programming – so why not take advantage of that?!

Tyler: More than anything, we’ve opened a dialogue between the organizations that hasn’t really existed before. Seeing leadership from each group at each other’s events, promoting our content back and forth on social media, talking up the importance of collaborating in our community and careers–that’s stuff we hope people will notice. That’s what this is all about, really. Building a strong community of professionals.

If you’d like to attend next week’s first ever collaborative luncheon event, register online here!

Marketing a Phenomenon: Scott Hemerling, Disney Theatrical Group

Wednesday, September 21
11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Gonzaga University’s Hemmingson Center
Lunch will be served.

Register for the event 

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