5 Marketing Trends to Look for in 2016

tyler tullis

Tyler Tullis
Senior Account Executive

Jan 12, 2016 | Point of View

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BY NOW YOU’VE PROBABLY read your fair share of articles about marketing and communications trends to be mindful of as we head into the new year. Rather than re-listing all of them here (we’d be writing until 2017), we asked our team to cite five of the trends we’re seeing most often and how we think these trends will continue to grow over the course of 2016.


Andrei—The Death of Digital Marketing

To use a little hyperbole, 2016 will mark the end of digital marketing—because marketers, along with consumers, will exist in a predominantly digital world. DH has known for a long time now the importance of multi-channel engagement with our audience, but digital tactics are no longer just a part of our integrated wheelhouse, they’re the point of the sword. Our marketing analytics are going to become increasingly real-time both online and off—that will open whole new doors for customized engagement programs.


Emily—Customer Centricity Will Continue to Grow

We’re seeing consumers continue to respond to a tailored marketing message, so this year we’re going to see a big spike in personalized marketing and advertising campaigns. A key driver to this is consumer information available on social media, as well as the interactions consumers have with brands on social sites. To meet this, campaigns will continue to increase in sophistication in terms of message, engagement and relevancy of content.


Tyler—Media Relations is a Brave New World

Across the globe, newsrooms and staff continue to shrink year by year. I see it happening in regional trade pubs, but also megalith top tier publications to unprecedented degrees. To get the attention of busy editors and reporters, it isn’t enough to have a compelling feature or even to just be newsworthy. Stories and pitches must hyper-target a reporter based on what they’re working on with the news of the day, often as it fits into a single news cycle. We have to ask ourselves how our content can bolster a relevant story trending across Twitter. Cold pitches are usually not worth your time, but once you’ve proved yourself as a reliable resource with valuable perspectives to a reporter, you can count on them to come back for your perspective when relevant. PR pros must maintain media relationships—even as newsroom staff changes hands on an annual (or monthly) basis.


Michelle—Marketing Automations Will Become More Prevalent in Organizations of All Sizes

Marketers spending a huge percentage of their desk time lavishing their content, so we’re seeing more companies reallocating project management and implementation of content to marketing automations that also track and nurture prospects. Platforms like HubSpot, Dueto, Marketo and the like make it easier to integrate: to schedule emails, segment contacts, automate social media posting, manage your content, and track the lifecycle of customers in your marketing funnel. This year, expect more companies to take advantage of these enterprise level automations and the industry’s literacy to go up sharply.


Lisa—Holistic Branding is On the Rise

I predict more organizations than ever will actually brand (or rebrand) their organizations from the inside out—as they should. When I hear about organizations truly investing in their employee communication and responding to what employees need to serve customers in the way every brand aspires to, it’s like a little choir of angels sings in my ear. I think we have digital tools to thank for this shift, in large part because they’re the one place where internal and external audiences collide. The C-suite gets to see what happens when unhappy employees (and their family and friends) interact with customers and potential customers right before their eyes. If that doesn’t influence more companies to focus on employee communications, I don’t know what will.

Throughout 2016, expect to hear more from us about how each of these trends are changing the landscape of marketing communications and how you can harness them for your organization. Stay tuned!

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